The Grox Grox: “I'll be back once I've destroyed a civilization.”
This user is away from the wiki and you can expect a reduced amount of activity from them.

Their expected date of return is: I'll will be coming and going....

You can drop them a message if you're lonely or miss them, and they will respond if they get the chance.

The reason they have given is: semi-retired

Spore 2010-04-16 21-03-50
Green face This user's fiction is brilliant! One of the best!

I am Zoodanian... well at least I look like one....

Photographer Edit

I have been told I am really good at screen shots. So if you ever want me to make a screen shot of your creature please ask!

Vartekians Edit

They are one of my most evil races and I have created an Article on them so be sure to check it out! Here is a link To view their captain Click here

Zoodanians Edit

Check out this squid like race!!!!

What i do when not at spore Edit


  • Drawing
  • Archery
  • hunting
  • hiking
  • Judo
  • traveling
  • Examining microbes :)

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