Welcome to my page on my Minecraft Server, where all Sporewiki users are invited to create things in it!

Intro Edit

When Sporesauce 95 returned to the wiki, he showed the wiki Minecraft, a game where you can create anything with blocks, and where the graphics really fit for a blocky game. But I, Irskaad, saw minecraft way back on youtube. I followed a minecraft series by a man who I subscribed to since 2009 and is known for being so funny. (He's called Stanburdman)

When I got minecraft on 18 November 2011, 1 day before the final version came out, I started exploring the game with my first minecraft world and home, but a creeper blew it up so i went to my 2nd world. I kep exploring there until I lost most of my stuff while searching for wool. So I quit that one and made my definitive 3rd minecraft world, and that one was just right'.

I started IrskaadServ, my Minecraft server with Xho3546 and _Dune_ (Sporesauce 95), and even today it's a wonder to go out and create things, so much that we even made a metro system. :D

Locations Edit

There are 2 Major worlds in this server. The first is Sykaxis, also known as the Main Continent. The other is Kyaxinis, also known as the South Division. There are regions and territories between these lands, such as Liquid Ink's islands.

In the Dune lands, there exists a tundra in its northern regions. This is likely a 3rd world.

See here for the map!

Sykaxis Edit

Mainland Edit

The Mainland was where it all began - I built a wooden house and Xho built a fancy house (Which he later blew up, causing the House Ruins :( ) Dune also built a great house, and thus the Mainland was born. We kept adding things to it, Xho added a Xhodocto statue, I added a TDP statue (A flat one), Dune decorated the spawnpoint, those were happy times. But later on, we began exploring into other lands.

Irskaadan Lands Edit

The Irskaadan Lands are located North of the Mainland, West of Dune Lands. It is particularly known for its construct, which Irskaad is proud of, and Irskaad's bomb shelter, which is hidden just in case his wooden mainland house is burned down. :(

The Irskaadan Lands pratically extend to a point to where the Joran Lands begin.

Dune Lands Edit

A Modest place East of the Irskaadan Lands, belonging to Dune. However, all that there is there is Dune's house and the starting point of his own Metro service.

Dune Exclave Edit

Because Dune happened to build mushroom constructs in part of what was to become the Xhodocto Lands, I made an exclave for Dune so that everyone would know Dune made that creation. Currently has a station, and is known as the edge of the North Division.

Sytorixian Empire Edit

A modest land owned by Xho3546 located south of the Mainland. So far it's basically full of Forests and Mountains, but an outpost has arrived a while ago, as well as some Metro Stations. Calx, Sylvosus and Singularus Islands are owned by Xho3546 as well, so they can be counted as Xhodocto Lands as well.

Kyaxinis, Sytoryxys, Elaxys and Kanaxys are counted as part of the Sytoryxian Empire.

Irskaadan Mountains Edit

The Irskaadan Mountains are a bunch of land Irskaad owns located off the Main Continent. So far its only landmarks are Irskaad's tower, which shines over Xho's Desert, and the Reneagade Viewpoint, which is competing with Xho's Southern Point.

Xho's Desert Edit

Xho3546 saw a Desert north of the Irskaadan Mountains. And it was good. So he made some ruins in it. These ruins are a landmark still today, and can be seen from the safety of Irskaad's tower.

Cabrra Island Edit

An aqueduct island. Said once to be a large port between the Mainland and Vorge Island, Cabrra Island is now only a checkpoint between the two.

Obsidian Isle Edit

Located south of the Irskaadan Mountains and East of Vorge Island, the Obsidian Isle is known for its badass fortress, curteosy of Xho3546. Well done!

The Obsidian Isle, at it's time, was the furthest building constructed from the Mainland/Sykaxis, and one of the oldest surviving buildings on the server.

Vorge Island Edit

Claimed by the Pax Draconica follower CreativeSpacer (Monet47) near the dawn of the world, he turned it into an awesome place to stay by building a great castle within the trees. He will be honored forever for such a feat, and we hope he'll continue building in this awesome island.

Vorge Island is home to the first Pub on IrskaadServ (called the Red Dragon) along with a stonehenge, a ship and Vorge city - one of the most significant settlements in the world. Vorge links to the rest of the world bia the red and cyan lines and is considered the first hub of the world's Nether relay network. Merchants and tourists arrive here every day to see the island-based city and it's striking traditional architecture. The island itself is watched over by it's discoverer who joinly rules it from the mountaintop fortress of Vorge Castle.

Joran Lands Edit

The Joran Lands, formerly known as the Northern Forest, is Jovar's Territory on the Server, and a place where you can find an awesome tower, a suicide room, and more to come! Probably the opposite of Wormulon's future nature reserve, due to the fact Jovar likes burning trees to make way for his creations. >:D

Amicos Locum Edit

Literally means "place for friends". Home to the largest tavern in Minecraft, Fjallborg!

(Note, these names were created using Google Translator, so if someone knows Scandinavian and can correct me, please do!)

The Annihilation Maw and the Temple of Shattering Edit

Originally, what is now called the Annihilation Maw was the peaceful, verdant plain filled with various animals and plants alike, life flourshing there. That was until the mysterious cult has arrived. Under the command of their master, the cultists have constructed a small chapel made of otherworldy diamond, called the Chapel of Purity - a seemingly harmless monastery away from the civilisation. However, their goals were not as benevolent. Constructing a deep tunnel into the very core of the world, the cultists have summoned something horrible.

His name was Imperios.

The very presence of the new demigod has immediately shattered the verdant plain as the very ground has fallen, turning into a huge chasm now known as the Annihilation Maw. Awakened from his sleep, Imperios has immediately started the reforging of the land. With the help of the Panda folk and their enigmatic leader, Imperios expanded the chapel and detached it from the land, turning it into the Temple of Shattering.

MasterMachine's Territories Edit

He has three. An unfinished and abandoned palace somewhere in Irsk's oceans, a massive cliffside palace for when he's bored, and his currently under construction "Abyssal Islands".

  • Ocean Palace - A large fortification that never reached it's potential because MM got lost and never found it again. Was going to be a massive structure that could be seen for miles in every direction.
  • Cliffside Palace - A massive structure built into the side of a cliff on the ocean. As of yet, usable but unfinished. Houses a great deal of excess space and a place that will become the future "Grand Library" of the Minecraft World. Currently houses MM's bedroom.
  • Abyssal Islands - An under construction region that used to be MM's Forest and house his Lavah Palace (which is being renovated). It will become a massive pit all the way to the void beneath the world, and then there will be islands on top of it that will house all of MM's structures in the region.

Lequian Plains Edit

Liquid Ink's Mainland Territory. He hasn't done much work on it, just built a house which doesn't at all contain hidden soldiers. Next to the house, their are three mushroom platforms, with alchemical devices on them. The most significant weapon is the cooker, which is a weapon that dumps lava on it's victim.

West Kyaxinis/Catarim Edit

Fortress Edit

There are many big towers with stone passageways on the entrance to Kyaxinis. Curteosy of Xho3546. There is also a habitational facility within the towers, however, ever since Irskaad's room was blown up there by Xho, Irskaad made a pact to never return to Kyaxinis unless teleported there.

It is currently the largest fortress in the IrskaadServ World, taking up most of the Kyaxinis Continent. The flat land behind the fortress is now owned by the great warlord Catface, who has renamed it Catarim.

DCP Virtu-cosm (North-East Sytoryxian Empire) Edit

The great AI Superordinate IrskaadServ also has a simulation of a smaller continent east of Kyaxinis/Catarim. It consists of a large plain, a swamp, a desert and various atolls, which have become colonised by DCP rebels extradited to IrskaadServ under a prison sentence. Survival is tough, as the life expectancy was short, plus raids from nearby Catarim, the rebels created their own arcology, heavily dependant on redstone circuitry. It is reclusive of other nations, however, it is well defended and has advanced redstone technology. Memories of the DCP in the real universe is just aout enough to deter invaders, although visits are allowed to its great arcology. The ultimate project is to simulate minecraft within IrskaadServ to force it to hang (the redstone oracle), allowing prisoners to escape.

However, the Virtu-cosm has come under assualt by an unknown assailent, which spread this ice which is expanding in a blizzard of snow, consuming the ocean, which is being used as a coolent for the Redstone Oracle. The ice is now threatening Catarim, forcing the two nations to cooperating in defeating it, as it is growing faster than it can be destroyed.

Ediravis Edit

Not much is known about this mysterious continent. It lies far to the west of the mainland and has lots of trees and deep valleys. When CreativeSpacer arrived he decided to build a lighthouse on a small island on the northern coast. After months of building he created a magnificent palace built over a large cave with several bedrooms, a dungeon and a library.

Underworld Edit

Far south of the Mainland, past the Southern Desert and under the sea lies an underground city named Underworld, a space owned by Xho. The city is over 100 blocks long and 10 blocks wide; a long strip of buildings embedded into the rock. Underworld is now a residence of most users on the server.

The Nether Edit

The Nether, otherwise known as Hell is an infinite plane of fire and lava, also known as Xho's paradise.

During the construction of the Nether Relay, Xho found a open-ish space to create a large fortress and claim the Nether as his own.

Adsimulaticius Palatium Edit

Latin for Unreal Palace, the Xho-constructed Nether Fortress is a quickly expanding one. Also has a small communal area built into it if anyone gets lost or is afraid of the big bad lakes of lava outside.

Metro Edit


Map as of 12 January.

Tired of no-clipping around locations and getting lost while at it? Well, fear no more, the IrskaadServ Metro is here, right now, on 04 November, consisting of 7 lines, 40 stations, and over 4000 blocks of length! >:D

It was proposed by Irskaad because of his love for the railway system. The Mainland was the first station to be built, and the current latest is the Light Sector station, in the Green Line.

The Metro is updated daily by Irskaad and Xho3546, and a partnership was developed in the making of this metro. Irskaad makes the station foundations, and Xho3546 rails them up and digs holes. How the foundations are turned into the real station depends on the division. If it's Northern, Irskaad finalizes the station. If it's southern, Xho3546 finalizes it.

Because Irskaad and Xho3546 have very differing metro styles, Irskaad gave Xho3546 full control over his lines, the Yellow, Calx and the Blue line, while Irskaad gets the Red, Black and Cyan lines. This is known as the Southern and Northern division respectively. The Green line is shared, with the Northern half going to Irskaad and the Southern Half going to Xho.

Also because Irskaad and Dune have radically differing Metro styles, Irskaad gave Dune control over the Dune's House station in 01 December 2011. Dune is planning to make his own metro system to compete with Irskaad's.

The Northern Division is characterized by being fully colored, by being innovative, and by serving all the lands from the Mainland, to the Desert, to Vorge Island. The Southern Division is characterized by its uniformity, by the longest length between stations there is (Singularus Island - Kyaxinis), and by having the shortest station in the whole Metro. (Sylvosus Island - Calx Line). Currently it is starting to out-innovate the Northern Division, with the most innovative station in the whole metro being Kyaxinis.

Northern Division Edit

Red Line Edit

Go for Glory, Go for Red.

- Commercial on the Red Line

The Red line, also known as the Western Line, connects the Mainland to the Northern side of the Xhodocto Lands, to the Irskaadan Lands, to the Obsidian Isle, and ending currently in Vorge Castle. Basically it goes west.

Lavah Palace - MasterMachine's land.
City Area - Come Visit!
Chaos Tower - KAYOSS!
Lequian Peaks - For the Great Zarni Empire!
Xho's Estate - After Xho's old house was blown up, he started an estate.
House Ruins - What's left of Xho's old House. Also built over a special mine. (Unlike Sylvosus Island)
Mainland - The Mainland. Connects to the Black, Yellow and future Blue line.
Irskaadan Lands - Irskaad's territory. Connects to the Black line.
Construct - A Construct Irskaad saw somewhere.
Cape Irskaad - The Westernmost point of the Irskaadan Lands. The station's decorated nicely. Distance to the next station: 3rd longest in the metro.
Obsidian Isle - Badass fortress right here.
Vorge Island East - The Easternmost point of the Pax Draconica Island. Connects with the Cyan Line.
Vorge Castle - A badass castle built by Monet47! Connects with the Cyan Line.
Vorge Island West - The Westernmost point of the Pax Draconica Island.

The Red line has reached the peak of expansion. Reasons: MasterMachine's rehaul of his territory and the Nether Relay making an expansion to Ediravis obsolete.

Black Line Edit

Black is the Future. Ride it.

- Commercial on the Black Line

The Black line, also known as the Desert Line, connects the Mainland to Dune's house, to the Irskaadan Lands, going north to a forest, then going west to the Irskaadan Mountains, then going by a cool tower, then going past some ruins until it reaches a desert shore.

Dune Exclave - Mushrooms Ahoy! Edge of the N. Division, connects with the Green line.
Mainland - Duh. Connects to the Red, Yellow and Blue line.
Irskaadan Lands - My land. Connects to the Red Line.
Northern Irskaadan Lands - Where my bomb shelter is.
Norhtern Forest - Wait, I have a forest? From here on, the distance to the next station is the 2nd longest in the metro.
Irskaadan Mountains - My mountains are better than yours, Xho! >:D
Irskaad's tower - Take a good peek! The distance to the next station is the shortest in the Metro. Connects with the Cyan Line.
Desert Ruins - Peek into the ruins! Connects with the Cyan Line.
Xho's Desert - Technically a Desert shore. Connects with the Cyan Line.
Old Stations
Dune's House - Yeah, you took good care of the station. It is yours now, as our styles are too diffrent.
West Xho's Desert - Because I can.

Cyan Line Edit

Cyan. Onwards and Forwards.

- Commercial on the Cyan Line

The Cyan line, also known as the Legacy line (Blame LotG for this meme), connects Xho's desert to Vorge Island.

Eastern-Needles Region - Land of Needles, pointing at you.
Ko'Dan - Land of Pandas!
Xho's Desert - Desert Shore. Connects with the Black Line.
Desert Ruins - Did the prehistoric human Civilization leave this here? Connects with the black line.
Irskaad's Tower - My badass tower. Connects with the Black Line.
Renegade Viewpoint - A Competitor to the Southern Point. (Yellow Line)
Pheru Peaks - I like these peaks for some reason. Also home to my castle!
Synaxus Point - It's near a lake! And you can see Vorge from there!
Vorge Island East - Pax Draconica. Connects with the Red Line.
Vorge Castle - HAAAAAAAAAAAX. Connects with the Red Line.
Vorge Construct - Stonehenge in Minecraft.

Green Line Edit

The Green line, also known as the shared line, will connect the Light Sector to Wormulon's Virtu-cosm. It is unfinished yet.

Light Sector
City Area
Chaos Tower
Lequian Plains
Xho's Estate
Dune Exclave
--- Division Border - You'll notice it when you dip down to 34Y, rather than the North's 42Y. ---
Southern Forest
Mainland Swamp
Sourthern Maw - Has a cafe, because it will be a long journey south.

Southern Division Edit

Yellow Line Edit

Zat Xhoddie Line. The (Great) Yellow line, also known as Xho's line, goes south from the Mainland to a forest, past a plateau, past a mountain, and into forgotten lands.

Mainland - Connects to the Northern Division Lines (Mah Liens) as well as the future Blue Line and Dune's Metro system entrance.
Southern Forest - A fancy forest.
Southern Plateau - Deep within a mountain, you can gaze upon the mountains above you...
Southern Mountains - Contains an outpost!
Souhtern Point - You'll like the landscape. And I've heard too many "Southern"s for a day, ok? Let's move on. Officially competing with the Renegade Viewpoint. (Cyan Line)
Singularus Island - A Golden construct lies here. Connects with the Calx Line.
Kyaxinis - The epitome of the Metro's craziness. Makes me think I should get more of a life. And Xho has outdone his station so much I am jealous.
Kyaxinis Fortress East
Kyaxinis Desert
Kyaxinis Plains - AKA Catrim

Calx Line Edit

Zat vierd Line. The Calx line, also known as the Grey line, is a kinda athmospherically poorly lit line which connects the Calx Island to the Singularus Island, and to Sylvosus Island.

Calx Island - An artificial Island. What will Xho do with it?
Singularus Island - Connects with the Yellow line.
Sylvosus Island - A small Island near the Singularus Island. Known for having: The shortest Terminal, a tight feeling for passengers, the wackiest path change, and the longest way to the exit. This is due to Xho "not wanting to ruin the mine's structure". (Unlike House Ruins, Red Line, where Irskaad dug over the mine)

Nether Relay Edit

Nether Relay

The Intercontinental Nether Relay, or just simply the Nether Relay is a portal-based system to the Nether to travel extreme distances in a smaller amount of time (Considering Ediravis and Kyaxinis are ridiculously far apart).

Info to be Updated

The Nether Rail connecting them up is situated in the centre of Xho's Adsimulaticius Palatium, which surrounds the current Relay System.

Unfortunately the Nether Relay is no more, but there is plans for it to be rebuilt.

Redstone Oracle Edit

Wormulon has decided to build a 32 bit computer on the server, which will be housed far underground (mostly, if a "monitor" is made it will be above ground). The Redstone Oracle machine, it is hoped, will be able to simulate Minecraft. This is not as impossible as it sounds, the universe may well be a simulation, within a simulation, within a simulation and so on, and many nerdy MC players have made ones capable of simulating tetris.

Of course, Wormulon must figure out how to make redstone circuits. The first generation of computers will be simple, ranging from billiard ball analogs, fluidic logic gates using water and lava and redstone circuits. The generations of computer will get ever more complex, using a "expotential rise" of computer tasking, connecting ever more together.

The final generation of computer may even be a quantum computer, if such is possible in Minecraft. If it is, it may spark its own conciosness and take over the real world (Orch-Or theory)... But if such a thing is completed, Wormulon would have long forgotten what the Sun looks like by then.

Functions (final generation):

  • Digital clock - The server will now have time. A nether relay will connect up all the lands so people can time themselves.
  • Programs: Random number generator.
    • Gaming: Tetris, Snake, Ping Pong.
    • Hopefully: Minecraft, sapience.

The computer will have griefing sensors has a vandalism shield.

People Edit

TheIrskaadan (Irskaad) Edit

The God of IrskaadServ. He is the only omnipotent being in this Server, having the power to destroy it. Which he won't, for he is benevolent. He watches over his allies building things, and he thinks they're good.

Part of the Mainland
Irskaadan Lands
Irskaadan Mountains
A Floating Island
The Northern Division of the IrskaadServ Metro
Northwestern Lands

Xho3546 (Xhodocto3546) Edit

The God of Destruction. Known for nearly exploding the Irskaadan's Mainland House and exploding his old house, (Which led to the House Ruins) he is known for his awesome constructs and his Xhodocto Shrines. Xho also rules over the entire Sytoryxian Empire.

Part of the Mainland
Xhodocto Lands
Xho's Desert
Cabrra Island
Obsidian Isle
The Southern Division of the IrskaadServ Metro
Mountainous area surrounding X: 2634 Z: 1309

_Dune_ (Sporesauce 95) Edit

The Demi-God of Knowledge. Known for his superior intellect in Minecraft, he is known for his house, though he hasn't been here often.

Dune Lands
A Tundra
Dune Co. Private Subways

He wants bukkit and voxel sniper so he can make mountains for his dwarwen fortresses!

Creative Spacer (Monet47) Edit

The Demi-God of Creativity. Known mostly for his Vorge Island creations and for being the architect of the Nether Relay, he is a humble man building for a more humble Vorge Island under his Pax Draconica rule.

Vorge Island
The Pax Draconica meme

LiquidInk Edit

A user who builds homes in his territory. He likes trapping cows in holes they cannot get out of, melons, farming, and he also seems to know quite a bit about minecraft. He was probably the first user on the wiki to hear of Minecraft.

A territory in the North, just east of the mainland. Is planned to have some more construction done within it.
Several Islands in the South, including Melon Island, Sponge Island, Platform Island, Hole Island, Bed Island, and Pollution Island.
A house in the Nether. - DEAD
The End

Wormulon Edit

Wormulon currently controls a small experimental island, and a much larger land called Wormy's Virtu-cosm (the perimetre is lit by beacons, mostly for conveniance sake). Wormy also has a house in the underworld, a protester keeps destroying plants in his home, so Wormy put up a sign telling him or her to have the decency to wipe their shoes. Wormulon was also the first to have a pet cat on Minecraft.

Wormy's Island experiments

Not far from Catarim, Wormy spent his first 3 days building a canal experiment, he hopes to apply a canal to one of the cities one day, with a lock system (as Wormy has lived on boats). It only contains:

  • "The Pointless Canal and Boathouse" (X)
  • A bridge - By Xho. (X)
Wormy's Virtu-cosm - Simulated by the great AI Superordinate MineKing, colonised by Virtu-Grimbs.

They will likely be built on the land assigned to him.

  • Arcology - AGrumpyPanda helped alot working on building the roof. ( )
    • City consists of "floors", each with different purposes. ( )
    • Elevators to each floor. ( )
    • Water towers - Look cool. ( )
    • Internal canal/sea port ( )
    • The Redstone Oracle - A 32 bit computer underground. Games, clock, random event generator. Coming soon! ( )
    • Three Missile silos, Three 6x sentry guns, griefing sensors (X)
  • Nature reserve to conserve it from Irskaad. :P (Irskaad - Haha very funny) ( )
    • Griefing sensors (X)
    • Some megalthic structures to worship da guds. ( )
    • Meditation retreat. (X)
    • Tree-house city in the jungle. ( )
  • Planet ( )
City at the Southern Swamp
  • Sewerage works - Turning your sewerage into profitable redstone (X)
  • Sewer pipe + slimes (X)
  • Mayor Kitteh's house - For my pets cats :3 (X)
Helped make
  • Needles_10 ferry terminal.
  • Defenses against the ice.
  • Installed switch-based lighting in Needles_10 resturant.

ThomasOverMany (Jovar1) Edit

A new user who builds great structures and has wacky ideas for fun projects! He is known for burning trees in the Joran Lands (Wormulon, beware, I have an ally!), and for his towers! A good friend to be around with!

Joran Lands

AGrumpyPanda (Spriggs077) Edit

A new user known for building large and awesome structures, and who has ascended to become the demigod of blowing s*** up. Because Australians do it big. (Edit: This statement has the Panda Seal of Approval =D)

Spriggs's Territory
A really big drinking hall on top of a mountain. Problem?
A planned even bigger drinking hall underground. Umad?

Imperios Edit

Imperios is here and he'll make sure we'll get enough dakka! Known for having the deepest house in the server and for blowing a huge chasm around it.

West of Xho's Desert and Irskaadan Mountains

MasterMachine Edit

Master of nothing and then some, he's just around for the ride.

Cut Continent from his fortress onward in the direction of his worldtree.
The Void/Forest - His first territory, in the process of being blown up and replaced with floating islands.
chunk of ocean in Irsk's territory - oops. Built a castle there by accident.

Needles_10 Edit

Needles are sharp. That describes his intellect, but that's not important.

Tellus Mountain - The large mountain which he built upon. He plans on making a very large Hotel there.
Ferrus Lazuli - His home, comprised of Lapis Lazuli and Iron. He loves the great view of the realm from this altitude.
Manhattan Pond - His icy lake, he named it after his home island.
Maybe more, will add later.

Gallery Edit

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