Hello, viewer, I am The Mushrum.

But you can call me Mush.

Or not. I'm a very well-known creator in the Spore community for my work in the building editor, where I've been perfecting the art of making building sets for nigh on three great years. My Sporepedia name is Mushroomking1- feel free to visit!

I'm an 18-year old guy and expert sporechitect Sporeon, and a pretty good fiction writer too. Most of my time here is spent inventing the happenings of the older (by now) users, though I've been absent for a long time now. Still, I've gotten used to the community here thanks to users like Xho, Worm, Jovar, Um2 and Falco-and even managed to tie my empire to a few wars and events with everyone's. I'm one of the more...unpredictable users here, so my likes tend to change all the time. Generally, though, I go for the grand shebang. Please me.

For any plans, ideas or questions about my fiction, my country, myself or anything and everything else, feel free to simply drop by my talk page.

Work in ProgressEdit


  • MushrumKing's sporepedia user name is Mushroomking1
  • MushrumKing's very first in-game Empire was the Mushrum Empire (The reason for all the mushroom references)
  • All of MushroomKing's real-life Empires are made up of only T3 worlds. It's called OCD.
  • MushrumKing's best Spore event was occupying the top 4 MPN spots in Aug 20, 2010 and all 5 afterwards. So far, he's had about 100 creations occupy the first MPN slot and 3 occupy the second Most Popular creation of all times slot.

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