Confidence is about not worrying about what others think of you. Be the person who stands up when everyone one else is too concerned to.


I'd like to point out I don't enjoy sounding like i'm full of myself. I never really see myself one of those 'pompus genius' types you sometimes get; waving their Oxbridge PhDs or science-fair trophies around thinking everyone around them is as smart as a brick. That's not me and I don't want it to be.

In my opinion if you have brains you know you won't like being treated like you failed in pre-school, So why do that to other people? Treat others how you want to be treated yourself I say,

A few key things to know about me:

  • I am passionate about science
  • I'm normally brimming with ideas
  • I love video games
  • I easily immerse myself in anything
  • 'A short answer' can be difficult on forums and I like explaining
  • I'm generally optimistic

Science is a bit of a passion for me and I'm a bit of of a polymath (It's difficult to not make this sound like i'm blowing my own trumpet without knowing me personally). If I see a topic of science that intersts me I will research to get an understanding it.

I've mentioned how nerdy I can be, but I'm also a social person and enjoy challenging my brain. If you're stumped at something I can help to explain. Also as you might be able to tell from my first fiction - the draconis - I'm somewhat intrigued by dragons, mainly the western variety, but i'd still rate my interest in Starfleet higher than my interest in the fire-breathing lizards of myth and legend.

My third greatest love? Warhammer 40,000. In my opinion; once you move past the dice and the idea that you're essentially giving orders to 2" tall bits of plastic it gets very cool and very macho (e.g Planet-wiping nukes, soldiers wearing tanks with legs, an officer with a giant mechanical claw). Believe me: mentioning a gun (that is essentially a mini-rocket launcher that fires like an SMG) to someone sounds much cooler than saying a 2" plastic model has said weapon. The founders of GW weren't nerds, they were just as manly as anyone else.

  • User blog:Monet47/Monet's Shiny Multi-Purpose Blog - Want to know what i'm doing? check here.
  • User:Monet47/Random_Things - If my mind was a planet: one part of it would be crisp utopias, the other would be twisted hellscapes (I'm strange like that).
  • X-COM initiative - Like many X-Com players I've taken to naming X-COM soldiers after people I know. Prior warning: If it mentions soldier you died, 9/10 possibility it was chance rather than me sending you to your death intentionally. Even pro players of this game see losses.
  • Minecraft: A showcase of stuff from the current Sporewiki Minecraft server as well as a tour of the world itself, built by Sporewiki's users.

To-Do list[]

The fates command you to stop being so procrastinate!

  • Add more planets
  • Add Mecha wasp War
  • Finish Protectorate wars page
  • Finish Veil of Gold
  • More pages on characters
  • Andromeda War pictures

Current Requests[]

In order of acceptance

  • Imperios - Andromeda characters
  • Needles - Sapere
  • Xho - Kithworto and Alpha

Tropes for my fiction[]

This is just for fun but now I have more than two published characters and a few more in my head I figured I could note what makes them special.


  • Action Girl: See Below.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: She's the highest rank in her order, one of the greatest elementalists in the Imperium and has had 310+ years' worth of experience gutting people, she knows how to take someone down
  • Crazy Awesome: She saw no issues with taking on Tyraz Breek or refusing to be scared of the Xhodocto. She's either got guts as hard as adamantium or she may be deluded. Either way she pulls through in most other cases
  • Deadpan Snarker: Combine the fact she's sick-and-tired of people always falling for the same tricks with the 300+ years she's spent fighting the worst horrors imagineable, her opinion of the universe is a little bleak
  • Determinator: The amount of punsihment she endures only to stand up again is ludicrous. Once managing to withstand the torture of Santorakh
  • Electronic Eye: One, unconvnetional for her species
  • Eye scream: Her eye met a knife, the knife won
  • Genre Savvy: What doesn't she know about cults and demons? She even knows how devious they are when it comes to deals.
  • Knight Templar: She's an inquisitor
  • The Lancer: She works well on her own (and will often do so) and doesn't take too kindly to orders unless you're a Pope. She's also very headstrong
  • Made of Iron: While she can still be knocked out, something about her makes her so determined that it is a pain for any opponent to do so.

Oniron Voxis

  • Badass: Aside from the fact he has been a pit-champion for over 50 consecutive years, throughout his later life he fights against Blood Dragons; soldiers selected before birth to be highly-trained killing machines. Not just one or two either he plowed through an entire bunker full of them
  • The Big Guy: Class 3. A century of arena combat hasn't made him any less emotional though
  • Blood Knight: The whole reason he joined the fight pits
  • Colonel Badass: See 'badass' above. Literal with the Grimson Ghosts
  • Cool Swords: Two energised shortswords
  • Did you just Flip Off Cthuhlu?: To his employers the Khaxvis when he broke the Ultanos family from their prison
  • A father to his men: Played straight for the Crimson Ghosts
  • From Nobody to Nightmare: Played straight for any Khaxvis loyalist who didn't pay attention to the fight pits
  • Old Soldier: Four words: 300 year old champion
  • In the past Everybody will be famous: He's met and worked for/against a few big names in his life
  • Red Baron: Khaxvis troops called him the Blood Horror for a reason!
  • Not what I Signed Up For: Killing pirates and rebel slaves is okay, holding the previous leaders hostage is just a little too extreme, so he finds a really great way to say 'I Quit'
  • Shrouded in Myth: He gained quite the reputation during the Second House War, some even wondered if he was a daemon or a vengeful spirit.
  • You Can't Fight Fate: Draconis superstition states red body scales are the sign of a natural warrior, three guesses at what he becomes famous for?

Larnus Vontarion:

  • Armchair Military: Played straight to the extreme: he was in orbit
  • Big brother Instinct: He's looked after Uriel since the guy was 12
  • Big Brother Mentor: Once again, to Uriel
  • The Captain: Uhh, he's an Admiral?
  • Commissar Cap: Standard issue for officers
  • Officer and a Gentleman: He's only ever really lost it once.
  • The Strategist: Good luck finding a point where he's not planning his next move
  • Well-Intentioned Extremist: He decided that blockading an entire sector was the only way to prevent religious upheaval, he gets set straight soon after though

Uriel Ultanos

  • Beserk Button: Anything to do with cybernetics
  • Bling Bling Bang: He wields a gilded fusion pistol for self-defence
  • Bling of War: Played straight, but it's design still remains useful. Mainly wears it for battle and high-profile meetings.
  • Cool Sword: He wields an energised longsword
  • The Emperor: Type 4. He's a nice guy who became bored of the wars his empire were so insistent on
  • A Father to his Men: Believe it or not, this was never a PR stunt for him
  • The Patriarch: He's an emperor and a loving dad.

Draconis Galaxy names[]

  • Andromeda - Dranvamus (Dranva-Mus, Celestial Halo)
  • Milky Way - Drakonmi Terevus (Drakon's Eye)
  • Borealis - Etrunmuscaril (Etrunmus-caril, Realm of Cold)
  • Cyrannus - Soliniami Fretma (Solinia's light)
  • Kraw - Nivilum Ocrumos (Void Galaxy)
  • Bunsen - Consafretma (Southern light)

Imperial Anthem[]

I wrote this anthem out of boredom. Lyrics are sung to the chants of the choir. It doesn't entirely match but you do have some creativity when it comes to gibberish chants. Surprisingly several words of the song fit better in English than in High Dracid.

Sung to the tune of[1]
High Dracid:
Vassh. Crauss. Vorss.
Vassh. Crauss. Vorss.

Vireigh ol vas, kos Paragvii.
Ae vas, kan veske, tus rogne.
Vin draske, vin capatha, tus ae juncta.
Tus vorne, tus caere, tus prosa.

Ae serus, Ae plakanos, tus grae valorus.
Tus incrae aur handorus, aur vankatorii.
Vael vas rejune aur pravavastus.
Vil tus kae kos vorgue daskii.

Vassh. Crauss. Vorss.
Vassh, contrah aur bavarum.
Vassh. Crauss, Vorss.
Vassh. Crauss, Vorss.

Dominicus vinterva.

Peace, pride, grace.
Peace, pride, grace.

Glory of all, the Paragons.
In all, they survey, we rule.
With skill, with command, we are just.
We toil, we care, we thrive.

In peace, In war, we bring glory.
We honour our duty, our homelands
May all respect our prestige.
For we are the chosen ones.

Peace. pride. grace.
Peace. guide our will.
Peace. pride. grace
Peace. pride. grace.

Imperium eternal.


IRC Moments[]

Sometimes I Amaze Myself[]

[16:27] <Monet> [2] The Imperial Talon Navy, what do you think?
[16:29] == Technobliterator [56a97b83@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #sporewiki
[16:29] <The_Randomness> Neat picture
[16:29] <Monet> Hello
[16:29] <Ghelae> Hello.
[16:29] <The_Randomness> Hey Techno
[16:30] <Monet> Does aoyone want me to explain the title?
[16:30] <Ghelae> No, but it sounds like you want to. :P
[16:31] <Monet> I think it adds to the effect so yeah i do, it means "imperium eternal" in their language.
[16:31] <Monet> A common mantra in the navy, like 'semper fi'.
[16:32] <Ghelae> If there's one non-Ultraterrestrial civilisation that has the right to that title, it's the Draconis.
[16:32] <Monet> XD
[16:34] <Monet> I think the marine armour has gone through, at the most, four revisions since i created it?
[16:36] <Monet> Although that picture not only shows off their firepower, It also is an indicator of how their military fuctions: Notice how all soldiers are Draconis.
[16:37] <Monet> They have alien soldiers, relying on one species is stupid, but the Draconis-populated sections of the navy (space marines, officers, high command) are all Draconis.
[16:43] <Monet> I hope that wasn't flattery Ghelae.
[16:44] <Ghelae> No.
[16:44] <Ghelae> Since when do I flatter people?


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