Hello reader! I'm MasterMachine, though more often I'll call myself Mecharic (since that is the username I use most often). I've been away for a while, but have recently returned to this wiki on the hopes of finding some fun and friendly interactions here. I don't really have a main fiction right now, since the Koiskstrum Collective & Union of Mecholife are both currently considered "destroyed or inactive" and the Okyno Expanse isn't completed yet.

Fiction(s)[edit | edit source]

I was Sporemaster1. I was Koiskstrum. I am MasterMachine. I have too much fiction. So here's a list, enjoy:

Active[edit | edit source]

  • Okyno Expanse - Founded by the Okyiat species, this empire worships life itself as the one true god in all Her forms and ways. They treat other thinking beings with respect, unless those being engage in harmful or enslaving bioengineering activities - that's the greatest sin one can commit in the eyes of the Okyno Expanse.
  • Kioskstrum Collective - A medium sized empire of scattered stars, mighty trade routs, and immense system-sized hubs of travel, the Koiskstrum Collective is a corporate-run republic of traders. They sell pretty much anything there, from simple doodads to warships and warheads of a Tear 3-4 empire.
  • Union of Mecholife - Currently located in my personal universe. The Union of Mecholife was native to the Wental Galaxy prior to the Annihilation. After the Annihilation they moved into the Andromeda Galaxy, where they allied themselves with the native life - until that galaxy entered a massive war which resulted in the near destruction of the entire Union. At that point they vanished from the known universe, and are "assumed extinct".

Dormant[edit | edit source]

  • Technologies - A complete list of technologies I've created over time and will draw upon as I feel needed.

Dead[edit | edit source]

  • Starmaster Alliance - Currently vanished. The Starmaster Alliance is a vast nation of diverse creatures ranging from the Lost Ones (sentinent machines from another universe) and the Omega (sentinent rock from another universe) to the Sapo (hive mind insectoid race) and the Warriorcell (feline warrior race). It even has the multidimensional infinity races of Times Gate. This Alliance formerly spanned an impressive galaxy called Sana-Forma, with the much smaller galaxy of "Time" (closest translation from actual name). They participated in the War of Ages, but vanished shortly after their civil war (between the Sporemaster Alliance and Darkstar Alliance) when the Annihilation occured. Their current status is unknown, but considering the alien nature of the older and more powerful species it is quite possible they traveled to a different universe and took their galaxies with them.
  • Various Galaxies:
    • SanaForma Galaxy - Home galaxy of the Starmaster Alliance - current status unknown.
    • Wental Galaxy - Original home of the Wental Alliance, aka, Union of Mecholife. Destroyed in the Annihilation, all that remains is a shattered arm.
    • Time Galaxy - Home to Times Gate and the inter-dimensional multi-universal species of the Guardians that prevent it from being used to destroy all realities everywhere.

Collab Fiction[edit | edit source]

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