aka Racist scum sucking Earth's resources

  • I live in a pocket dimension
  • I was born on March 23
  • My occupation is being highly paid
  • I am wealthier than you and have a better car and house than you

The user Kreesident is known for being really lazy and slow in making pages

New Sandbox


Templates in case I need them

If you want to contact me, preferably contact me on Discord, I'm in the SporeWiki contributor server, my Discord ID is Kreesident-Add5DTech#4649 (though this doesn't mean he'll get off and start writing immediately if it's a collaboration).

Message Wall is another way to contact me but don't expect quick responses.

My Steam profile (NOTE: Privated)

My fiction Edit

The United Commonwealth of the Lsjanpodos Union Republic (main fiction)

Empire of Ktorsau

United Paznelkian Dominion

Viblan Light Order

The Indonesian Grand Commonwealth Republic

To-Do list Edit

High Priority

Medium Priority

  • Complete Empire of Ktorsau
  • Work on the Lsjanpodosi military
  • Make a navbox for my things
  • Work on a Fantasyverse fiction that I have been slacking off from for a very long time
    • Work on a Fantasyverse race based on Homo erectus or any other ancient hominid

Low Priority Other things

  • Reach 20,000 edits - I will have died from mass contributing far before I reach 20,000 edits.

My Theme Edit

look Edit

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