Will Wright used the Naucean as an example during the GDC '06 presentation


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Type: Warm-blooded Bipedal Marine Vertebrate

Lifestyle: Social Omnivore

Hunt/Forage Success Rate: 50% hunt, 75% forage

Armor: Skin is weak so they make padded armor out of fibers for protection.

Defenses: Strong tail with fluke as well as strong kicking legs. oral tentacles do not hurt but can pull a target into its very sharp beak. Weapons: No real natural weapons but Bronze Age in technology.

Tools: two hands on two of the six tentacles. Each with two fingers and two thumbs (one on either side of the hand).

Method of Eating: Grab with tentacles and bring to beak to slice. Then into the gizzard to be ground up then digested and finally out the anus on the opposite end.

Reproductive Rate: Reaches sexual maturity at 12 years. Can reproduce at any time of the year.

Gestation: 6 months then lays egg.

Offspring incubation: 6 months until egg hatches after being laid.

Number of Offspring: 1 to 4

Offspring Survival Rate (before age of maturity): 90% they are raised in a family group and everyone helps raise the babies.

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