The Grox.png Grox: “I'll be back once I've destroyed a civilization.”
This user is away from the wiki and you can expect a reduced amount of activity from them.

Their expected date of return is: March 16.

You can drop them a message if you're lonely or miss them, and they will respond if they get the chance.

The reason they have given is: Extremely Busy, will be on Discord infrequently. PM me on Discord if you need me urgently and i'll get back to you in 2/3 days. (Short Breakfast)

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Hi, I'm GD12 an avid member of the wiki and the mastermind behind the Drakodominatus Tyranny and its ruling race the Dominatus , one of the most powerful and malevolent entities every to grace the First Gigaquadrant, and the still being written Attero Dominatus, which details their fall. Currently I am working on The Battle for Demogorgon Prime, which the details the final stages of the Dominatus' destruction. I am a software engineer.

Contrary to what my fiction would have you believe, I am a friendly user who enjoys helping new ones. If i am notorious for anything, it is my long breakfasts.




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