Message from the Ipsissimus of the United Persan Descendantsn
Repent Motherfucker!!!

Message from the Dragon Head of the Claxe
Watcha buyin, watcha sellin?

Message from the Doge of the Trahoxi Republic
Watcha buyin, watcha sellin?

Gift Mech Project[]

Designed For Armament Armor Description
Waptoria Alliance of Species
  • 4x Web Spinners
  • 2x Hive Spitters
  • Bark Armor
  • Heavy Shielding
  • Reactive Blood
The Garuda was designed for the Waptoria Alliance of Species by the UPD keeping the Waptoria's preference for long range weaponry in mind. An entire organic mech the Garuda resembles a bird of sorts standing on two legs with twin wing-like projections that actually contain special extra-large hive spitters rather then being true wings, the Garuda has a four lobbed mouth that contains four wed spitters, one in each oral lob. On request of the Waptoria the Persan looked into creating a system that could counteract explosive and incendiary weapons resulting in the Garuda's reactive blood. When hit by explosive or incendiary weapons the Garuda's blood rapidly expands out special poors smothering the explosion and/quenching any flames.
Fir Bolg
Mendel Pact
  • 2x Laser Cannons
  • 1x Rocket Pod
  • 1x Turbolaser Cannon
  • *Heavy Armor
  • Phasic Shielding
The Fir Bolg is a gift mech design by the Persan for the Mendel largely created to be used by warriors who were not horribly injured and needing to be on life support. Keeping mind the Mendel's love for big guns that make big boom boom when fired the Persan armed the Fir Bolg with an arm mounted turbolaser with double heat sinks so it could be fired for longer and faster, which then required multiple barrels when the gun's original one barrel started melting. The arm cannon was also heavily reinforced so that Mendel Warriors could punch enemies in the gob when they got close enough. The Fir Bold also is armed with twin laser cannons, a missile launcher in the chest, and an armored first for more close range punchy action. Given the Mendel Pact's love for jet packs the Persan also gave the Fir Bolg its own mech sized jet pact creating a ninety ton flying brick of a mech.
United Knights Alliance
  • 1x HiAnti-Armor Railgun
  • 1x Laser Cannon
  • 1x Retractable Blade
  • Ukanium Armor
  • Heavy Shielding
The Galahad is was designed by the UPD as a gift mech to the United Knights Alliance as a mark of respect and friendship, as well as on the request of the UKA themselves starting the whole gift mech project in the first place. This was requested by the UKA after each variant of AEGIS Powered Armor was becoming bigger and the AEGIS V4 was actually dangerous to its wearer without extra precautions. So the UKA figured why not make it a mech, so long as it kept the ability to wield sword it would be honorable enough right? And contact the Persan. Keeping in mind the UKA's love of their swords the Galahad was armed with a retractable vibro-sword in its left arm allowing the mech to slice a dice its enemies when it gets in close. The UPD also armed the Galahad with heavy duty ranged weapons such as a powerful, shoulder mounted Anti-armor railgun and an arm mounted laser cannon.
Archangel 2
United Persan Descendants
  • 2x Casaba Howitzers
  • 2x Lasguns
  • 1x Railgun
  • Orichalcum Weave Armor
  • Anti-Targeting Field
The Archangel 2 was a Persan gift mech to, well, themselves who figured they might as well update the aging original Archangel which had been in use since the was against the Dominatus Tyranny. The Archangel 2 is effectively a larger and heavier Archangel with updated technology. The Archangel 2 features larger jet boosters allowing it to rocket across the ground at greater speeds the the original Archangel while the armament remains the same with twin casaba howitzers and lasguns mounted into the shoulder pylons and a bayonet railgun help in the hands. Rather then use conventional energy shielding the Archangel 2 makes use of an anti-targeting field that renders tracking and targeting systems utterly useless forcing enemies to rely on naked eye visuals when try to hit an Archangel.
Empire of Zarbania
  • 1x Energy Cannon
  • 2x Missile Launchers
  • 2x Pulse Laser Cannons
  • Heavy Battle Armor
  • Heavy Shields
The Ragnarok was created for the Empire of Zarbania as a gift mech designed to be, "as hideously terrifying as possible, a walking metal bulwark of death". Of all the gift mechs created by the UPD for their allies the Ragnarok is the largest mechs produced. Armed with twin pulse laser cannons on the arms and twin missile launchers in the chest the Ragnarok is impressively heavily armed. However, the Ragnarok's most notable trait is its' head which resembles a snarling, mechanical wolf with an especially powerful energy cannon nestled within the jaws. This energy cannon draws power directly from the mech's reactor meaning that it can charge itself deliver far more powerful shots then such a weapon could already.
Consulate of Praxis
  • 1x Mower Machine Gun
  • 2x Fasces Chainguns
  • 2x Shredder Assault Cannons
  • Plasteel Plating
  • Heavy Shields
  • Twin Blast Shields
The Romulus was created for the Consulate of Praxis and is one of, if not, the most heavily armored and armed mechs create by the UPD for another faction. The Romulus is simply put two shredder assault cannons strapped to a cockpit with legs and a mower machine gun and two fasces chainguns stapled on for extra firepower to an already excessive amount of. While not fast or agile by any means the Romulus is so heavily armored and shielded that it can simply shrug off continuous heavy bombardment as it lumbers forward to either fill its enemy full of lead or just flatout stomp them to death under its massive heels. Most of the systems of modular meaning it can get nearly half its chassis blown off and still keep going.


Gift Mech Project[]

Loyalty Creator Description

Major Vanara Houses[]

  • House Blood - A house who has devoted themselves to the study of strategy and tactics.
  • House Nightmare - A house who has devoted themselves to the study of psychology and sociology.
  • House Winter - A house who has devoted themselves to the study of politics and law.
  • House Bone - A house who has devoted themselves to the study of biology and medicine.
  • House Dream - A house who has devoted themselves to the study of arts and literature.
  • House Rust - A house who has devoted themselves to the study of engineering and mathematics.
  • House Dust - A house who has devoted themselves to the study of history and mythology.
  • House Gold A house who has devoted themselves to the study of business and economics.