Glynn Tarrant

aka Glynn

  • I live in The dark corners of my imagination
  • I was born on February 7
  • My occupation is Artist, Teacher, Lover
  • I am Male

Hello everyone. I'm Glynn. I'd love to collaborate fictions with everyone! I am good at making ships and know some creature creator tips and tricks. I am currently trying to finish my fiction, so if anyone wants to collaborate or ally with one of my empires, contact me on my talk page.

  • NOTE: If you wish to use any of my Empires, Characters, Ships, or Files of any type, you MUST ask me for permission first. If I accept your request, you must also give me credibility for each one of my items.

Current StatusEdit

Things to doEdit

  • Update my empires and species, as my writing skills from years ago leave much to be desired.
  • As of now, Return of THEM as been finished. Because of this, I have to do a bit of updating to some of my empires and characters.
  • Add more to the Volver Language Page. I think I might be able to create an entire fictional language. If you wish to use my language for your empire, let me know. You MUST call it Asconian, for that is the language's name.

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User RelationsEdit


Green face

  • Zillafire101 - Zilla is probably the first person I've actually done collaborative fictions with. Writes good fictions with notable references. I like the fact that there are some people out there who are modest about the strength of their empires.
  • Ecroraptor3339 - Writes interesting fiction, without overpowering it. He keeps the pages updated when I don't have time to. Great writer overall.
  • Gorzill - I've worked in collaboration with Gorzill on many different pages. This user interesting fiction, going a bit deep into the lore of his empires.

My Main FictionEdit

Includes my fiction galaxies and timelines.

Tyris Cluster











My Fiction Empires Edit

Empires in Current use Edit

Empires that I still use and edit on a regular basis.

Fiction:United Knights Alliance

Fiction:Grand Republic of Tyris Major

Fiction:Biskin Empire

Fiction:The Infectant Horde

Completed/Extinct Empires Edit

Empires that I no longer intend to expand on or are canonically defunct as of late.

My Characters Edit

A List of characters organized by the civilization they call home.

United Knights Alliance Edit

Volver Empire Edit

Helmore Galactic Conglomerate Edit
Doopy High Chiefdom Edit

Soldarian Empire Edit

Hyperon Grand Khanate Edit

Antroth Empire Edit

Grand Republic of Tyris Major Edit

Lavatuft Republic Edit

Violaven Union Edit

S'actha Republic Edit

Volver Separatists Edit

Abyss/Void Edit

Infectant Horde Edit

Biskin Empire Edit

Technology and Metaphysics Edit

Void Energy

On the Abyss, by Dr. Nu'Iva Shal

Uni - 30.20.2d.3e.20.31

United Knights Alliance

Volver Empire

Soldarian Empire

Hyperon Grand Khanate

  • Kroll-Class Great Hatchet
  • Nohk-Class Grenade Launcher
  • Hyperon Great-Khan Armor
  • Hyperon Conqueror Plate Armor
  • Hyperon SKR Assault Rifle


War of Tyris Major

Nebulorian-Alpha War

Second Infectant War

Second Ascon Civil War

Enlightenment War

Return of THEM

Gigaquadrantic Conflicts/Mirus

Templates Edit


Template:Msg/Nu'Iva Shal


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