SporeWiki's resident theoretical physicist. Along with the occasional participation in story-writing, much of my work here has been on the worldbuilding side, including:

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To-do list Edit

This is less of a to-do list at this point and more of a forever-incomplete list.


These are projects whose incompleteness I can blame on other people.

Own work

These are projects whose incompleteness is entirely my own responsibility.

  • Arqorillan Renaissance - only really needs a foreign relations section, but that would require me talking to other people
  • Atirieil
  • Tokzhalan Empire - apparently requires a major rewrite, but it looks like it mainly needs the history to be written out and maybe a relations section
  • Getting out of Girdo - Girdo's prequel for Tigris War; unfortunately I'm more of a worldbuilder than a solo story-writer
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