If there's something being done on the wiki, I have a bad habit of having an opinion of how it could be done differently.

- Charles Murray

Hello! I'm Charles Murray, also known previously as The Clanden and Angrybirds. Don't let this account's edit counter fool you, I've been on the wiki since August 3, 2012. ^.^

Over my time here, I've been the architect of a great many projects, from the Katar Sector in 2013 to the Great Xonexian Schism starting in 2014. I've also grown a lot as a person, learning a great deal not only about collaborative writing, but also about personal diplomacy and the value of frank (but polite) communication in resolving disputes.

My writing is primarily collaborative, involving many authors, interests, and factions, so I am always welcoming of newcomers and new fiction opportunities. I'm a political science major with a strong background in history, economics, and military strategy, all of which are studies I love to immerse myself in. My passions are vividly reflected in my fiction, as my writing tends to be very realistic, involving at times situations so mind-bogglingly complex even I have trouble wrapping my head around them. xD

If you ever have a question about politics, international relations, economics, trade, or warfare, I'd love to help out! Just drop me a message on my wall or find me on IRC. I usually hang out on #Katar, which is open to everyone, and tend to go by the nicknames Charles_Murray, Charles_PC, or Charles_Bot depending on the device I'm on. Don't worry, I won't bite!

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