The Grox.png Grox: “I'll be back once I've destroyed a civilization.”
This user is away from the wiki and you can expect a reduced amount of activity from them.

Their expected date of return is: Couple o' weeks or so.

You can drop them a message if you're lonely or miss them, and they will respond if they get the chance.

The reason they have given is: Temporal hiatus.

My prime fiction is the Waptoria Alliance of Species and the Imperium of War. For all my not actually doing anything of note here in my own opinion, I am one of the founders of the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment while helping concieve the Covenant of Mirus. I am also very forgetful, so please forgive me If I don't remeber a certain thing or two (or remeber them wrong).

  • Things to do (note to self: now that you have the time/not in order):
    • Make Raptoranean page.
      • Make Androkav'r page.
    • Help continue Zsark's Beginning.
      • Do Proditkar plot.
        • Find out what the Gatekeepers are up to.
      • Ask Gynn if intrested in possible Zsark/Biskin alliance.
    • Update Waptoria military page.
    • Add additional info to IoW military page.
    • MOAR BRAINSTORMING whem it comes to the Covenant of Mirus.
      • Catch up with the Avalôtur Covenant plot.
      • Synchronise Mirusian plots with Xonexi plots.
      • Update Glynn on this (done).
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