Chantal71, also known as Ex0dus_ or chantal71 on Spore, is a Spore user who is a member of a little-known roleplaying community often referred to as the Alliance Of Order, a name inspired by the alliance that it once revolved around. Due to a past, little-known connection between the Spore Fictional Universe and the Alliance Of Order universe, he now has a few fictions here, canonically connected to his other fictions in his main universe.

Userboxes Edit

Maple Leaf This user is Canadian.
SporeIcon This user owns a copy of Spore.

Creepy Cute Icon This user owns a copy of Spore Creepy & Cute Parts Pack.

Galactic Adventures logo This user owns a copy of Spore Galactic Adventures.

Exoeskeleton This user has downloaded the Exoskeletal patch.

Mech Parts icon This user owns the Dr. Pepper Bot Parts.

FictionverseLogo This user is an official member of the SporeWiki Fiction Universe!

Spore 2009-08-05 19-32-02 This user despises Glitches! Especially the ones that trap unsuspecting adventure captains into static props!

GalacticCore This user has entered the Galactic Core.

Darkspore This user absolutely hates Darkspore.

This user HATES Spode! He is the evil in the galaxy, love the Exiled One!

Free Windows Logo This user is a Windows user. He despises gamers, however.

IElogo This user uses Internet Explorer to browse SporeWiki, although he has both it and Mozilla Firefox on his main computer.
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