Hi there! I'm CaptainTybusen and you're probably here because I made a shitty meme joke on the wiki IRC channel. I am not just some random guy lurking there, though, I do do things here (though looking at my edit count and navboxes you might be led to believe otherwise). My main fiction here is the Tybusen Intergalactic Allied Federation and I am the administrator of the Bunsen Galaxy, so if you have any inquiries, please feel free to ask!

You can also find me on DeviantArt or Steam under the name PikaCJ. If I'm not on the IRC (or am there, just ignoring everyone), I'm probably playing Team Fortress, where my favorite classes are Demoman and Pyro. You might also find me playing Civilization 5 or Star Trek Online. Whatever floats your nautical transportation apparatus.

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My User Boxes and Stuff[]

FYI I am literally an uninteresting pile of garbage

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Fiction Directory[]

Read my fiction or die a painful death that I will describe in excruciating detail

CaptainTybusen's fiction
Bunsen Galaxy (Adriana Nebula)
We are a galaxy of peace and prosperity for all.
Anyone who wishes to disrupt that may kindly go throw themselves into Inferno Realm.
Are you ready to ROCK?!
We're taking the multiverse by storm!
Divine Races of the Twin Galaxies
There are things beyond your comprehension...
...that are like simple math problems to us.
Portea Galaxy
We welcome you to the Portea Galaxy.
  • The Tybusen Intergalactic Allied Federation - The largest civilization in the Bunsen Galaxy, they are very friendly, though if you kill their allies or piss them off, you're dead
  • The Argexantine Warrior Alliance - An alliance consisting of only Warriors, but they're actually even nicer than the TIAF because they're dum warriors like that
  • The Grand Spodist Church - A Spodist alliance that works to spread the word of Spode everywhere they go because the holyrats couldn't be the only Spode fanboys
  • The Levisala Confederacy - Evil blue scorpions who are really aggressive but also really smart, which pretty much means it's like China if China was run by evil blue scorpions and hated America more than they actually do
  • The Bunsen Grox Republic - Bunsen's obligatory Grox faction, they're nice, friendly, and won't kill you and your family, so they're probably the most friendly Bunsen nation overall (ironically)
  • The Vespan Federation of Planets - The rebels who banded together after the TIAF Civil War. Kinda less-important fiction due to getting the shit beat out of them two times and not being nearly as handsome as the Levisala
  • The Illia'Akes and Vodra'Ta - My personal godraces who exist to do anything that requires mystical shits and stuff
  • Feuding Races of Portea- Originally planned to play a bigger role, but now they're really just a personal "universe" (still takes place in the 1st Gig, just in an obscure galaxy) and a big patch of red links in the navbox
  • The Intergalactic Band - haha what is even music

All of My Published Creations[]

Please go to this page to view all of my content.

Haha, don't do that.

Goals and Other Stuffs[]

Looks like I'm not leaving my computer for a while

General Wiki Goals[]

  • Reach my 1,000th edit (Whee!)
  • Reach my 2,000th edit (I am credit to Wiki!)
  • Reach my 3,000th edit

Fiction Development[]

  • Advance TIAF to Tier 2 (Eat your heart out, Jovar Socialist Republic.)
  • Complete pages for Intergalactic Band albums and songs (Eh I give up)
  • Work on the Razoa for the Fantasyverse (time to catch up)
  • Complete TIAF database (dear god this is only one of the five major Bunsen factions)
    • History (There's enough of it done now to construct the rest of Bunsen's history around it)
    • Government (need to expand a little bit on the inner workings of the Assembly)
    • Military (fix some organization and make the full database of the Assault Armada's 40-something Regiments)
    • Members (make the full database of all the Federation members and give them detailed histories and cultures)
    • Society (as in, their social attitudes and everyday culture)
    • Territory (need to make some maps of the Provinces)
    • Ships (definitely need to expand this)
    • Tybusenic Language (Compiling a dictionary is hard than I expected)
  • Expand/create pages of Bunsen Galaxy characters. My personal checklist:
  • Expand and construct the histories of the other four Bunsen powers. (RIP summer vacation)

Story Writing[]

Gallery of Pics and Stuffs[]

Some pics I took/made/Photo-shopped! Enjoy!

Yo, dis be groovin on over to the Gallery subpage now.

My Meh Stuff[]

My meh stuff. In other words, the place where I put the random stuff that's sometimes amusing. You know, that thing from the place in the place.