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Things to Do[]


My Sporeperson[]

I play the part of Emperor Mercuris XXI. He is a powerful Kkrotids who loves four things: power, money, knowledge, and war/violence. His age is unknown, and it is believed that there is no limit to his knowledge. He gets his knowledge from the Kkrotids Computer World.

My Signature[]


My Sig page.

About the Real Me[]

  • I took the alignment test and scored: Chaotic Neutral. This may or may not be a surprise. It depends on if you know me or not. Red face.png
  • I allied and attacked The Grox on different saved . Grox.png
  • I have my own flag.
    Flag 1.jpg
  • I enjoy reading books in which the villains win.
  • I enjoy writing books in which the villains win.
  • I play the trumpet.

    Mercuris Federation space. The Kkrotids (purple), Kkintoran (magenta), and Actinapste (light blue).

  • My SPORE screen name is Mercury21, not Bio21. I accidentally signed up for the website before I created my EA profile, so I forgot to use the same screen name on both Orange face.png
  • I created the Mercuris Federation.
  • I wish the Fan-Made Expansions were real. (I created the page about them.)
  • I make miniportraits. If you have any requests, then please don't hesitate to ask me!

War of Arbitration Plots[]

  • Plots to write
    • Encounter at Whiprastus
      • Part 1 - Initial Encounter
      • Part 2 - Beseiged
    • Planet Aridiny
    • Battle of Gero-A48

Sleeping Gas[]

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[19:30] <Needles_10> Byeeeeeeeeee

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[21:37] * Atamolos buys more sleeping gas.

People Gang-Up on Atamolos[]

[17:54] == zillafire101 [6318ce31@gateway/web/qwebirc/irc.wikia.com/ip.] has joined #sporewiki [17:55] * Atamolos prepares to strangle Irskaad.

[17:55] <@Cyrannian> eek a zilla

[17:56] <Irskaad> http://spore.wikia.com/wiki/SporeWiki:Fiction_Universe/Universal_Discussion_Board#Transmission_from_Unknown Tybusen, Zilla, Atamolos ^^

[17:56] <Irskaad> Oh wait Atamolos has seen it

[17:56] * Atamolos jumpos and tackles Cyrannian and strangles him so hard that [censored] is so [censored] everywhere in a [censored].

[17:56] * Cyrannian eats Atamolos

[17:56] <@Cyrannian> Problem solved

[17:56] * Atamolos uses essence to explode Cyrannian from the inside.

[17:57] <Atamolos> ~silence Cyrannian

[17:57] * Cyrannian replodes

[17:57] * infobot shoves an apple in Cyrannian's mouth, shoves a spit through ... well, uhm, anyway ... then builds a nice fire and starts roasting

[17:57] <Tybusen> Damn

[17:57] * Atamolos laughs maniacally.

[17:57] <zillafire101> Da heck with you!

[17:57] <@OluapPlayer> ...Excuse me?!

[17:57] <Tybusen> Flo'Sikka - *eats Atamolos*

[17:58] * Atamolos uses essence to create fire and burns Tybusen to a crisp.

[17:58] <Atamolos> *Flo'Sikka

[17:59] <Tybusen> Flo'Sikka - *not burned* Hur man yoo call dat a fire *shanks Atamolos repeatedly*

[17:59] <zillafire101> I created my first subgroup of the Grox Followers,The Phradox Grox Followers. ^^ I hope many more are to come.

[17:59] * Cyrannian uses Gorf to turn into Gorf, while turning Atamolos into a puppy

[17:59] <zillafire101> Gorf into Gorf,Is Gorf logic

[18:00] * Atamolos uses essence to evaporate the shanks and turn un-puppyish while causing gigantic elemental-anvils to crush Cyrannian and Flo'Sikka.

How to take Shippy Pics[]

[20:20] <@Cyrannian> Let me know if you need help applying my super-special-awesome-chocolate-covered-fudge-flavored-mega-super-duper-gorflike-layouts.

[20:20] <Tybusen> You need to paint the background black.

[20:20] <@Cyrannian> Oh, you have to get Paint.NET

[20:20] <Tybusen> And be sure you're not using Paint. It doesn't work on paint.

[20:21] <Tybusen> Yeah, what Um said.

[20:21] <@Cyrannian> http://www.getpaint.net/

[20:21] <Atamolos> I have PDN! How do you think I make miniportraits!? DOWN WITH PAINT!

[20:22] <@Cyrannian> Oh, then you get an image of a ship, click the back with the Magic Wand tool until only your ship remains and the outline is transparent

[20:22] <@Cyrannian> *click the background

[20:23] <Atamolos> Do you take the picture anywhere, or just in das editor?

[20:23] <@Cyrannian> I usually take it in the Adventure Editor

[20:24] <Atamolos> OK, thanks, I will use that.

[20:24] <@Cyrannian> Bye!

[20:24] <Atamolos> Bye!

[20:24] == Cyrannian [562f1735@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: cya]

Shocking Realization[]

[18:45] <Oaches> Atamolos: I need to ask you something.

[18:46] <Atamolos> Ask away.

[18:46] <Oaches> Why does Xhodocto3546 call you li

[18:47] <Oaches> "little me"

[18:47] <Atamolos> Huh?

[18:47] <Oaches> He called you that.

[18:48] <Atamolos> When?

[18:48] <Oaches> Minecraft.

[18:48] <Atamolos> When (time-wise)?

[18:48] <Oaches> Yesterday.

[18:49] <Atamolos> He called me 'little me' yesterday?

[18:49] <Oaches> Yes.

[18:49] <Atamolos> As in 'little Xhodocto3546'?

[18:49] <Atamolos> Perhaps it is because...

[18:50] <Atamolos> 1) I strangle Irskaad frequently

[18:51] <Atamolos> 2) The other day, when he skipped rope with Irskaad's spine the other day, I coppied him and skipped rope with Irskaad's trachea, esophagus, and intestines.

[18:51] <Atamolos> Perhaps that is the reason.

[18:51] <Atamolos> *those are the reasons.

[18:52] * Atamolos realizes that he is a Xhodocto.

[18:52] * Atamolos then realizes that the Mercuris Federation worships a Xhodocto, and that they should be in the Cult of the Deathmarch.

[18:52] <Atamolos> Whoa.

Things that I Hate[]

[00:00] <Atamolos> chat ded
[00:00] <Atamolos> 00:00


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