aka Melkorgoth

  • I live in Eternally dancing around The Daemon Sultan
  • My occupation is Playing the normal flute and dancing in a circle
  • I am Irrelevant

Hi all, I'm ramis and Demagol in the sporepeida I am currently semi-active due a current pressing interest in women and other time such time sinks.

Name Dex
Age 14
Creations Shillites
Political Party Libertarian
Religion Atheist
Hobbies Lots
Location California, USA

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My Fiction is here.

Secondary fiction- Braekor are a race of smart, feuding, ruthless raiders that utilize numerous different technologies and weapons.

About MeEdit

I am 14 and live in the United States. I am a fan of fiction of various genres and styles. Also I used to play Spore.

Fiction PlansEdit

Shillites- Begin work on project Nightmare (ask about it, you know you want to) and become a tier 2 empire, screw with everyone on Station Halcyon, form an alliance of evil empires.

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