So, we have one tier scale for the fiction universe, so I decided to create one for the fantasy universe. It is very important to have something like that, for having possible comparison of fantasy universe nations too. This scale will be, of course, another, and it will depend on technologies and approximate land of fantasy universe nations. Tell me, what tier is your empire. Tier 6 in this scale is equivalent to Tier 6 in fiction universe Tier scale. Tier 0 is late creature stage. Transitioning to tiers takes thousands of years, but average time to reach is written below, some nations advance faster, some slower, but it is impossible to become Tier 1 from Tier 5 before one thousand years.

Things to know Edit

1. Getting lucky: Sometimes an empire may have traits from a mix of tiers. If for example, an empire has more tier 4 traits than tier 3, then they are more likely to be tier 4. That empire might have those special abilities for a number of lucky reasons.

2. Hopping tiers: Transitioning tiers is enormously difficult (political, technological, economical etc.). Spread your empire's advancement overtime, or think up good reasons why in order to avoid the normal thousands of years it takes.

3. Tier unknown: Some civilizations are too alien to fit on this scale, or have technologies, goals or intelligence much different.

4. May not have all these powers - Empires advance differently. Just because lets say an empire is in Tier 2, doesn't mean it has every tier 2 power.

Tier 6 - Industrial nations(Equivalent to years 1700 - 1800 on earth) Edit

It is unlikely that more than 5 civilizations like this will exist in fantasy universe. They are usually able to conquer all Tier 5 civilizations, and they usually explored whole planet.

  1. Land: Major part of region
  2. Typical technology: Steam power, engines, experiments with electricity, steel, advanced canalisation, first large industries
  3. Typical transportation: Ships, Small self-propelled transports(like bicycles)
  4. Typical weapons: Guns, minor explosives, cannons, Advanced Hand weapons
  5. Typical power sources: Coal, wood, water, wind, animals

Known Major powers: Tragnon kingdom, Islanders, Nobi, Klaxxa, Legion of Shiarchon

Tier 5 - Classical nations(Equivalent to ancient rome, greece, or medieval age on earth) Edit

These civilizations are equivalent to ancient rome, greece, or late medieval age on earth. Most of them don't have gunpowder, and they haven't often explored their whole continent. Transportation are usually animal based. Many are advanced like this, but most are not.

  1. Land: Minor part of region
  2. Typical technology: Iron or similar solid metals, stone paved city roads, canalisation, primitive gunpowder technology
  3. Typical transportation: ships, Animal wagons, Animals, own legs
  4. Typical weapons: Primitive cannons,Advanced hand weapons, bows and crossbows, animals
  5. Typical power sources: Wood, water, animals

Known classical nations:Phfiion, Trilakog, Maern'Ren, Magnus, Marmoreal (Dracacitui), Northern Region(Urindalë and northern Gorublan)

Tier 4 - Iron age nations (equivalent to year 2000 b.c. on earth) Edit

Most of fantasy universe nations are this level. They know metals, but they are not really advanced at all

  1. Land: Tiny part of region
  2. Typical technology: First ships, wheel, writing, metals, primitive bricks
  3. Typical transportation: primitive ships, animals, own legs
  4. Typical weapons: primitive hand weapons, spears, animals
  5. Typical power sources: Wood, animals

Known Iron age nations: Calledians, Khuyan'Xa(but their militia exceeds 4 million)

Tier 3 - Chalcolithic nations (equivalent to year 6000 b.c. on earth) =Edit

  1. Land: Couple of large villages
  2. Typical technology: primitive writing, paintings, farming, primitive metalurgy
  3. Typical transportation: animals, own legs
  4. Typical weapons: animals, clubs, flaming torches, primitive axes
  5. Typical power sources: Wood, animals, own power

Known Chalcolithic nations:

Tier 2 - Neolithic tribes (Equivalent to year 15.000 b.c. on earth) Edit

These cultures are equivalent to old tribes on earth. They can´t write, they can build wooden buildings and domesticate some animals, but they are often primitive. They usually have permanent settlements.

  1. Land: Couple of settlements
  2. Typical technology: primitive farming, buildings, walls
  3. Typical transportation: animals, own legs
  4. Typical weapons: animals, clubs, wooden spears
  5. Typical power sources: Wood, animals, own power

Known neolithic tribes: Vrorekaa, Caxildiz

Tier 1 - Stone age tribes (equivalent to year 100.000 b.c on earth) =Edit

  1. Land: One settlement
  2. Typical technology: primitive buildings, fire
  3. Typical transportation: own legs
  4. Typical weapons: clubs, wooden spears
  5. Typical power sources: Wood, own power

Known stone age tribes: Wartoc

Tier U - Tier unknown (another ways of advancement) Edit

Of course, some fantasy universe nations don´t fit this scale. Ideas, what will be typical for each tier are always welcomed. Tier U are these nations, what advance another way(for example don´t have fire or gunpowder, but it is still advanced...)

Known Tier U nations: Sea giants, Lunsincth, Tree dwellers, Cult of Pilgni

What do you think? Ideas of possible improvements are welcomed! What fantasy universe tier level is your fantasy universe nation?

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