Unknown Darkspore Enemies

Picture of the various enemies in Darkspore

Throughout the various gameplay videos and sceenshots of Darkspore, there has been seen many enemies that haven't been known for some time until played. Below are said enemies.


  • Protoplasm - A Bio Minion, it attacks with strangling tentacles and retreats to Enrage itself and grow.
  • Parasitic Thresher - A small Necro Minion which saps your power reserves, and if it is full, it will violently explode, doing high enough damage for you to be aware of it.
  • Space Barracuda, a Quantum Shooter from one of Maxis' Template Challenges, which can teleport and shoot pulses with medium damage.
  • Ragetusk, Boar-like Bio that attack in groups and become enraged when fellow Enemys are killed, making them stronger.They are first seen as a boss on one of the Early Verdanth levels
  • Vampiric Leaper, a small red-colored insectoid Necro which, judging by its name, leaps on heroes and leeches their life. It is found on Nocturna and Verdanth,is a Minion.
  • Contagion Vegavore - A Bio Minion which shoots slow moving green orbs that have a chance of spreading a disease to your teammates.
  • Haster - An annoying Quantum Lieutenant which hastes allies and shoots with a speedy medium damage pulse.
  • Pterodyne - A Necro Lieutenant, the Pterodyne cloaks and appears next to heroes then terrifies them, hunting the fleeing heroes.
  • Raytheoid (not featured in image), a tall Cyber Lieutenant covered in yellow armor, and has the ability to increase damage of minions.It's main attack is to fire a laser,that mimics the Zetawatt beam from it's Chest.
  • Carrion Shambler-The Dark, simian like creature seen at the bottom of the Collage is encountered on Nocturna and eats the corpses of deceased Darkspore to gain the Enraged buff. and are Necro Lieutenants.
  • Distracted Hound-The dog-like creature seen in the middle of the collage, these canines are low on health but attack with astounding speed. They are Necros and Minions, that appear on Nocturna and Verdanth
  • Magnetic Master-The Quantum enemy seen in the collage,seen with it's hands spread wide apart is encountered on the Outer rings of Zelum's Nexus,It is a Lieutenant and wields powers similar to Magnos'.It pulls the Hero towards it before retreating for their allies to finish you off.
  • Decelerator(Not featured)-A quantum lieutenant with strong attacks, it slows heroes and their attack speed then closes in on them.
  • Omicron - A Cyber Operative, the Omicron is the bot with yellow beams coming from its hands. It locks down heroes in a yellow energy cage and has a small repair bot orbiting it.
  • Gravitic Confiner (Not Shown) - A Quantum Operative, the Gravitic Confiner locks down heroes from a very long range with a gravity bubble while sapping your health. If attacked enough, it will fly away and appear somewhere else.
  • Vaulting Amphiod (Not Shown) - A Bio Operative, the Vaulting Amphoid poisons heroes and can lock down two of them at once, plus leaps around.
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