The Uber Turret is a colonization tool that, after being placed on a colonized world, self-constructs and patrols the planet, attacking any enemy UFOs that assault your planet.


  • Due to its massive health, few enemies will be able to destroy it. It is recommended to place it on a planet with frequent attacks or near enemy territory.
  • If the player has enough money, they can place Uber Turrets on all of their planets to virtually ignore any attack message and worry about other things. It is important to note that although the Uber Turret is powerful, it is not perfect. Large invasions may be able to destroy some buildings if the Uber Turret does not manage to destroy the attackers in time. However, the speed and power of the turret means damage is usually very small and rare.
  • As a testament to the Uber Turret's effectiveness, Grox attacks on planets, fitted with regular turrets and the Uber Turret, may fail, even though they usually have 4 or 5 2,000 health spaceships and some smaller escort ships. However, unless your planets are T3 or T2 with 3 colonies all with full turret slots, quite a few buildings would be destroyed, so unless you have a lot of money to rebuild with (or you don't really care about your people, or you are in a mission etc.) it is best to go back and help defend, as T0 and T1 planets rarely survive.
  • Uber Turrets are able to destroy any pirate raids in a matter of seconds due to pirate's ships being very low on health.
  • It should be noted that, if the pirates are raiding your colonies with Uber Turret on the planet, and you don't return to the said colony for defense in time, you will still be blamed for not helping, despite the Uber Turret having already dispatched those pirates by itself. In the case of the pirates stealing spice, however, you will not be blamed, which is identified by a message saying those pirates are no longer stealing your spice.