A civilization stage turret utilized by Economic nations.

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Turrets are small, perimeter-placed structures that can be added to any colony or city under your control. Turrets in Civilization Stage have 600 health, whereas turrets in the Space Stage are more powerful and have from 200 up to 1,200 health. The Uber Turret is another, more powerful turret.

Civilization StageEdit

Turrets are somewhat expensive in Civilization Stage at §2,000 each, but are highly useful against repelling attacks, including those by many enemies. Cities have a varying number of slots for turrets, based on their size. Small cities can only have 5 turrets at maximum, while large cities may have 8. A Military Turret is a double-barreled gunmetal grey turret. A Religious Turret is a triple-barreled brownish-grey turret visibly held together with screws. An Economic Turret is a giant cannon-shaped turret that slightly resembles F.L.U.D.D. from Super Mario Sunshine.

Space StageEdit


The three types of weapon that Space Stage turrets fire on attacking spaceships.

Each colony may have up to a maximum of eight turrets. Early on, they are rather expensive at §16,000, but as the game progresses, they become great defenses against any raiders or attackers. On your home world, turrets are only §1,000. Sometimes when beaming down a citizen from an enemy empire into your colony, or a carnivorous creature one of the turrets will fire a small, quick green laser blast, killing the creature. If your colony doesn't have turrets, random citizens come up to the creature and blast it with a small, unknown, invisible laser. If your citizens are outside of the colony looking at a crop circle or making a fire, the animals will attack the citizens who use tribal weapons when far away from a colony or creature weapons when near the colony. The fight ends in the animals death or a few dead citizens with a dead animal.

Turrets are multi-functional, entirely determined to defend their territory from any hostile presence. A single turret wields:

  • A laser cannon that is held on a target, 'melting' down health (Turrets also fire at epic creatures, using the laser. When firing at them, they have the strength of a mega laser!)
  • A rapid-fire flak cannon which fares well against groups of larger fighters, but normally misses against single targets.
  • A large ballistic missile which will track targets with impressive accuracy and speed for a respectable time until it detonates or tears a hole in the target's hull.

A Religious Turret that lost in combat.

If a colony is outfitted with a full compliment of eight turrets on its perimeter (and the Uber Turret), it becomes nearly invincible to all but the strongest weaponry or the largest swarms. (Note that The Grox and your ship don't have as much trouble with these turrets as others do, though this shouldn't be a surprise.)

The appearance of the turrets has also changed from civilization stage, with most turrets being armored, single barreled weapons with a dark grey coloring, with some blue markings. Turrets utilized by the Grox also differ in appearance, with their turrets being doubled barreled, and light grey-blue.

Most empire Homeworld colonies boast a full compliment of 6-8 turrets, while other colonies may have from 0-5 turrets defending them. Choosing to attack a city defended by turrets will prove deadly, even with the strongest health and energy compliment, unless you're carrying a supply of Repair Packs or Energy Packs. Quickly flying over a city and dropping bombs will prove quicker, but at less accuracy and you may still take damage if the turrets fire their laser.

Turrets also count as buildings, and therefore can prevent additional buildings from being built in T1~2 planets, as they count towards the Terra-score cap.

The Homeworld machine-gun turrets automatically upgrade to the multifunction platforms as the Space stage begins. Their costs are also by ½, only costing 1,000 sporebucks instead of 2,000.

Grox turrets have an extraordinary 1,600 HP. Turrets used by the Grox make use rapid-fire blasters instead of the typical lasers seen equipped other empire's turrets. The blaster does roughly the same amount of damage as the Grox spaceships.

Grox Turret

The turret used by the Grox.


The most efficient strategy to destroying turrets is to arm your Pulse or Laser weapon, approach the colony slowly, and destroy the turrets at maximum range. The one turret you choose to attack may still fire on you, but it's better than all 8 unloading on you at once. A good pulse weapon should destroy one turret in 1-4 shots, even less shots if Rally Call is effective at the time of destroying said turrets.

Another effective, but dangerous strategy is to simply rush the colony using strong bombs (Mega Bomb or Anti-Matter Bomb). Bombs can destroy a colony in few shots, but you'll have to endure direct damage from the turrets. Bombs are inaccurate at higher altitudes, so make sure you get right up to the cities you plan on destroying; hovering directly above/next to the City Hall is ideal for quick victory, but it also works from high altitude where you can't get hit by turrets. With the strongest bombs, a City Hall in a major city can be blown to dust in a matter of only 1 to 3 bombs (one for Anti-Matter Bomb); destroying surrounding buildings (Houses, Factories, and Entertainment buildings) will cause the city to surrender faster, possibly within 2 bombs. If you have trouble withstanding the turrets' weapon fire, equip and use a Shield.

An Anti-Matter Missile can destroy 2 turrets at once, as well as destroy a few buildings in the process, speeding up capture.

If you don't care about saving buildings in the city however, you can just hover far above the city (just enough for the turrets to be unable to reach you with lasers), then circle around and above the city walls. That way you can hit the city with bombs without the threat of much damage from turrets, since as long as you keep moving, the flak can't hit you and the missiles can't catch up to you. It is pretty inaccurate, though, and will most likely destroy the majority of the buildings.


  • Sometimes, in Space Stage, if you come full speed onto a city from the sides and pelt it with bombs, the turrets won't fire at all.
  • Missiles will constantly chase you wherever you go until you either leave the atmosphere, it hits you or it detonates after a certain period of time.
  • There are five kinds of turrets in Spore: Military, Religious, Economic, Space and Grox.
  • The Economic Turret slightly Resembles F.L.U.D.D. From Super Mario Sunshine.
  • The MG Turret firing sounds resembles the M2 Browning The same gun sound effect can also be heard in Call of Duty: Black Ops as the firing sound effect for the GE M134 Minigun.
  • The laser fired by turrets on the user's colonies are green, while the laser fired by other empire's turrets are red.