Tuber Tongues are plants that appear in Spore Hero. They shoot their tongues out at unsuspecting creatures, injuring them. Kicking them will disable them for some time. They come in two different forms: the Cave form, which glows pink, and the Meadow form, which resembles a flower. When the Sporeling walks near them, they will growl, then attack with their tongue. They don't seem to attack other creatures ingame. There is a goal where the Sporeling has to guide a creature through a minefield of tubers. Kicking a Tuber Tongue will stun it for a few seconds. In the intro clip in Spore Hero (where the Crystal Meteors strike) some are seen.


Appearances Edit

  • Moonlit Stoneway
  • Mushroom Grove
  • Moonlit Caverns
  • Creature Beach


  • The tuber-tongues closely resemble peashooters from Plants vs Zombies. Only, they are a different color and they have no eyes.
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