This article is an overview of how the player interacts with the game during different stages.

A tribe of creatures in the Tribal Stage.

A tribe is an establishment of tribal creatures, found in the Tribal Stage, the Civilization Stage and the Space Stage in Spore.


Tribal Stage[]

Tribes are a major component and revolve around it in the Tribal Stage.

The player can also purchase different items for his/her creatures, such as weapons and musical instruments. The player can also upgrade the main hut of their tribe by defeating other tribes, which can unlock new tools and clothing items for their tribe. When the player has conquered and/or allied the five other tribes, their tribe's totem pole is completed, and the player is able to advance to the Civilization Stage and begins interacting with the world via vehicles and cities.

Civilization Stage[]

In the very beginning of the Civilization Stage, small tribes can be found. If attacked, there are 3 possible outcomes: either loot money, the tribe attacks the vehicle and possibly destroys it, or gives a new vehicle. For a few seconds in the game, new nations will emerge from tribes.

Space Stage[]

In the Space Stage, there are many planets spread across the Galaxy that have tribes on them. Within the planet occupied by tribal creatures and on the map, they are marked as tiny separately-colored houses, and they are weaker and much smaller than colonies and cities. Tribes are very vulnerable and can be destroyed with ease. Every tribe can be destroyed individually with a basic weapon tool or used to Gravitation Wave—a Scientist archetype tool—to eliminate every tribe on the planet, which enables the player to colonize the planet.

The tribes can also evolve by placing Monoliths which gradually advance to the Civilization Stage and then to the Space Stage.


A speech bubble will sometimes appear above a tribe member's head. Some pictures in them are:


  • In Tribal Stage, each Tribe is almost always a different species to other tribes. However, in Civilization and Space Stage, all of the Tribes on a planet are of the same species.
  • In Civilization Stage, when another nation destroys a tribe, an odd badge-like item with no symbol engraved on it will pop up.

Possible UV mapping error on a Badge icon

  • In Space Stage, if you drop a sapient species near a tribe, it will steal a weapon and start attacking the tribesmen, unless it has its own weapons (i.e. it is a captain creature from Spore Galactic Adventures).
  • If the player (or any other creatures that are in the player's Tribal Stage) adds a baby, the creatures usually lay an egg within the hut, which rolls out of it and hatches almost instantly. However, in the Space Stage, the player can come across tribes from different planets. If observed carefully with the Hologram Scout, they will see two tribe members dancing at each other and go inside the hut. Next, hearts will appear to float out of it, and a baby will appear instead of an egg. It is unknown if the creatures on Tribal planets give live birth or really lay an egg, as it is uncertain of what they really do inside the hut.