Trait is the attribute the creature acquires at the end of each stage of the game. They would grant distinct abilities either active or passive. In the Space stage all Consequences are automatic excluding the one used by the Archetype.

Traits come in 3 colors for the first 4 stages = Red, Green and Blue. Generally, Red means aggressive, green means friendly, and blue is in between.


Trait Creature stage Tribal stage Civilization stage Space stage
Cell stage Herbivore Siren Song Refreshing Storm Healing Aura Social Suave
Omnivore Summon Flock Flying Fish Static Bomb Gentle Generalist
Carnivore Raging Roar Traps Invulnerability Power Monger
Creature stage Social Fireworks Diplo Dervish Pleasing Performance
Adaptable Beastmaster Bribe Bomb Speed Demon
Predator Fire Bombs Mighty Bomb Prime Specimen
Tribal stage Friendly Black Cloud Gracious Greeting
Industrious Ad Blitz Colony Craze
Aggressive Gadget Bomb Arms Dealer
Civilization stage Religious Green Keeper
Economic Spice Savant
Military Pirate B Gone


Cell Stage Creature stage Tribal stage Civilization stage
Green Herbivore Social Friendly Religious
Blue Omnivore Adaptable Industrious Economic
Red Carnivore Predator Aggressive Military



Spore How to become Archetypes

By LuminarNightblade


This is 3 blank traits of the 3 colors of traits you find in the first 4 stages.

All of the traits. At the bottom you can see the symbols for the consequence abilities, earlier stages first.