Trader comm backgrounds

Trader's communication backgrounds.

Traders are in it for the profit. Their only allegiance is to the almighty Sporebuck.
- In-Game description

Trader is one of the ten philosophies present in the Space Stage of Spore.

Trader Unique PowerEdit

The Traders acquire the Cash Infusion unique ability. Cash Infusion can be used to instantly fill the economic takeover bar for any system the player has a trade route to when they're in their star system.

Gaining The Trader ArchetypeEdit

Through EvolutionEdit

The Trader archetype is awarded to species that gain a majority of blue cards, or reach the Space Stage from the Creature Stage with one of each finishing on blue.

The recommended path is blue, blue, green, and blue.

  • Cell: Discount for all standard equipment
  • Creature: Faster travel
  • Tribal: Extra relation
  • Civilization: Faster spice production
Behavior in the Cell Stage Behavior in the Creature Stage Behavior in the Tribal Stage Behavior in the Civilization Stage Resulting archetype
Herbivore Adaptable Industrious Economic Trader
Omnivore Social Industrious Economic Trader
Omnivore Adaptable Friendly Economic Trader
Omnivore Adaptable Industrious Religious Trader
Omnivore Adaptable Industrious Economic Trader
Omnivore Adaptable Industrious Military Trader
Omnivore Adaptable Aggressive Economic Trader
Omnivore Predator Industrious Economic Trader
Carnivore Adaptable Industrious Economic Trader
Skipped Social Aggressive Economic Trader
Skipped Adaptable Industrious Economic Trader
Skipped Predator Friendly Economic Trader
Skipped Skipped Industrious Economic Trader
Skipped Skipped Skipped Economic Trader

Through MissionEdit

First you must ally with an empire following this philosophy with a strength factor of 4 or 5, then you may request to become 'like' them from the mission interface. After paying §2,500,000, the mission given is to sell 5,000 items. Upon completion return to claim your reward and you will change your philosophy and associated archetype, losing your old superpower and gaining the Trader's Cash Infusion power.

Note that you may not sell 5000 items and then automatically complete the mission upon its acceptance. You must accept and pay for the mission first, then sell 5000 items.

Be sure that the Trader is not in war with another empire, otherwise, pick up the mission from the Trader's homeworld (this goes for any archetype, especially Warriors since they constantly pick a fight with another empire). This is because if the planet in which you accepted the mission has a weak defense and is at war, it will be conquered. If the planet does get conquered, you will have to start the whole mission over, and you will have wasted your time and money doing the mission.


Traders offer a wide variety of items, although they don't have the best prices.

Tool Price
Crop Circles §60,000
Colony Incredi-Pak §97,500
AOE Repair §30,000
Energy Mega Pack §10,000
Energy Pack §5,000
Planet Scan §50,000
Wormhole Key §1,500,000
Create Creature §975,000
Creature Tweaker §325,000
Embassy §325,000
Fireworks §18,000
Global Mind Erase §30,000
Mind Erase §180,000
Monolith §300,000
Supersizer §260,000
Air Conditioning §360,000
Cloud Accumulator §270,000
Cold Cloud Vacuum §360,000
Hot Cloud Seeder §360,000
Hot Cloud Vacuum §360,000
Refrigeration Ray §270,000
Bio Stabilizer §195,000
Colony Incredi-Pak §97,500
Spice Storage §250,000
Uber Turret §450,000
Interstellar Drive 2 $180,000
Interstellar Drive 4 §375,000
Laser §325,000
Mini Bomb §260,000
Mini Auto Blaster §65,000
Mini Pulse §130,000
Proton Missile §260,000
Shield §325,000

Trader's PhilosophyEdit

"As members of the Trader Empire, we strongly believe in the Philosophy of Prosperity. It teaches us to mind our own business, and to mind it very well. There's no other Empire in the Universe that can compete with our levels of operational efficiency! Although I must say, you look like a clever species, and I'll bet you're doing a heck of a job running your Empire, aren't you? Don't be modest, of course, you are, or you wouldn't be here talking to me! Only the smartest species in the Universe know to seek out the Trader Empire for all their financial advisory needs. And only the smartest species in the Universe sign up for our training courses on the Philosophy of Prosperity. We also offer group discounts if you know any other Empires who want to learn the secrets of the Tablet of Prosperity. Sorry, no refunds."

Galactic AdventuresEdit

Trader Tools

Trader tools used in Galactic Adventures.

Ranks Edit

  1. - Intern
  2. - Analyst
  3. - Executive Assistant
  4. - Shift Supervisor
  5. - District Manager
  6. - General Manager
  7. - Vice President
  8. - President
  9. - CEO
  10. - Tycoon

Campaign AdventureEdit

The Trader campaign adventure is Ruins of Doom, where the player is searching for The Golden Llama.

Captain AccessoriesEdit

  • Sprint Pack - Enables Sprint Burst, a powered-up sprint that requires energy to use. Cannot be upgraded.
  • Glider Pack - Enables Hover, a powered-up Glide that requires energy to use.
  • Stealth Helmet - Enables Stealth Field, a powered-up Sneak that requires energy to use.
  • Jump Jet - Enables Jump Jet, a very high powered-up jump with an energy cost.

Trivia Edit

  • Trader Empires could be based on the Ferengi from the Sci-Fi series Star Trek, as all, they are interested in is profit.

    Traders will sometimes say they did it for the Grox after completing a mission.

  • Sometimes after completing a mission for them, they will say they did it for The Grox.
  • Sometimes after failing a mission or attacking them, they will "Tell the Grox on you!", meaning Trader empires may support or not-dislike The Grox, although they still, like all other types of empires, get attacked by the Grox sometimes.
  • After being attacked by the Grox, the trader can often be heard saying "Not Even!" when the player tries to talk to them.
  • Traders often flatter the player. This is occasionally followed by phrases such as "Will you give us money now?"
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