Trade is the process of trading goods (such as spice) or money for other goods or money. Once the player's creature becomes sentient, they are able to trade with other nations. Trade improves a nation's Economy by adding Sporebucks to the treasury and goods to the storage area.

Tribal stage Trade Edit

In the tribal stage, if the player is a friendly or industrious tribe it may be necessary to give gifts to other tribes to ally with them. This is a primitive example of trade. Also, when the player allies with a tribe, they may send you gifts periodically, this shows the trading of basic commodities and also the mutual relationship between your tribes i.e - the player helps them, they offer help in return.

Civilization stage Trade Edit

In the civilization stage, if the player begins as an industrious nation, trade will be pivotal to your progress, the main goal for economists is to trade with and eventually buy out opposing nations, although the player may also choose to become a militaristic or religious nation by buying their respective cities. Some opposing nations may be harder to trade with, military nations are innately opposed to trade, meaning you have to work harder to please them before they will allow a trade route to be formed. During any game, rival economic nations may offer to form trade routes with the player's nation, the player can either accept and receive a small cash supplement and also the chance to buy the rival city, or refuse it. Gifts also work in the Civilization stage, and other nations can give gifts to your nation.

Space stage Trade Edit

Spore 2009-11-08 20-50-26

A trade route in the Space stage

In the space stage, the player can start a trade route with any empire that has a blue face or green face with you. This will improve your relationship with them by a maximum of +30. Trading in the space stage is similar to trading in the civilization stage. The player can trade to buy solar systems, though different star systems are worth different amounts, based on how many planets are settled, how many colonies exist, and all of the colonized planet's terra-scores. The player can earn economist badges by buying star systems, and trader badges for starting trade routes. The player can also buy and sell various items with any empire the player has a positive relationship with. Also trading with your own empire costs more then other empires. It is almost always impossible to trade with the Grox. At the start it is only possible to have three trade routes at a time, but at some point, it is possible to get 5 at one time. An added benefit of Space Stage trading is the ability to obtain, for free, spice colors which your own empire's trading post does not have. You can obtain multiple colors at once and in varying amounts, which may sometimes be sold back to your own empire for a large profit. There is a rare chance that if you click the "trade" button in transmissions, the m.u.l.e. theme song would play in the background.