Creature Stage abilities

Delivers a toxic poison that does a small amount of damage over time.

The Toxic Crystal is a weapon in the Captain Outfitter.


The Crystal is composed of a pink, diamond-shaped blade made of a large crystal attached to a small jewel-studded bracelet or ring. The Captain's coat color determines the color of the bracelet, while the detail color determines the color of the line that goes around the edge of the blade. The crystal is always pink. Increasing the length of the blade causes it to curve into a scimitar or sabre, while decreasing it gives it a rounded, oval shape.

When used, the blade emits purple clouds and makes a hissing sound on each hit (the captain strikes twice in a slashing motion, although this does not affect the amount of damage it deals). The purple clouds stay on the captain's target until the poison wears off.


The Toxic Crystal is a handheld melee Captain Weapon, used for causing damage to opponents over a period of time. Being a Shaman weapon, the Crystal does not require any energy, but cannot be upgraded.



The Crystal's "Poison Blade" attack works by slashing the target and (supposedly) injecting poison, which does little damage at the first slash but gradually weakens the target over several seconds. This means that it is more effective against creatures than against buildings or vehicles. The Crystal only causes damage to its target, unlike the Bladed Knuckles and Lightning Striker which may also hit anything else (other than allies) nearby.


The Toxic Crystal consumes no energy when used, and only has one power level, unlike warrior weapons. Its poison effect ignores armor, and has no effect on vehicles or buildings.

  • Impact Damage: 10 (5 to vehicles and buildings)
  • Poison Damage: 42 (0 to vehicles and buildings)
  • Cooldown: 2 seconds


The Toxic Crystal is much weaker outright than its warrior counterpart, the Bladed Knuckles. Its true power comes in its ability to combo with other Shaman attacks. Consider using Charge->Toxic Crystal->Icy Band->Swarm Magnet to keep your target locked down and damaged. You can also equip the Oba Shaka tribal mask to slightly increase the impact damage from these physical attacks.

Creature Stage abilities