Tools are one of the methods used to interact with your tribe and others. There are three groupings of tools; those for military use, those for musical(social) use and utilitarian tools.

Military Edit

The three tools available for military use are throwing spears, flaming torches, and stone axes.

  • Stone axes: These are good against other creatures but not very good against buildings.
  • Flaming torches: These are obtained by being a herbivore in the Creature Stage, and are effective against buildings, but poor against other creatures.
  • Throwing spears: These share the same strengths and weaknesses as axes, and can also be thrown to attack enemies from a certain range.

Musical Edit

The three instruments for musical use are didgeridoos, wooden horns and maracas. They are used for socializing with other tribes. They all function in the same way, and you gradually to unlock them as you go through the stage.

Utilitarian Edit

There are three utilitarian tools: fishing spears, gathering canes, and healing rods.

  • Fishing spears: They allow creatures to catch more fish from the sea. They are for omnivores and carnivores. Herbivorous creatures "fish" for seaweed.
  • Healing rods: These allow creature carrying the rods to heal nearby injured creatures.
  • Gathering canes: These allow the creatures carrying them to gather fruit from plants faster. They are for omnivores and herbivores; carnivores do not receive them.