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ignore the fact I just used bbcode <br><br>
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ignore the fact I just used bbcode

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Shiznasty wrote:
The urophilia is understandable and rightfully targeted as PG-13, now that you’ve explained it. But...
Reptiles having human breasts?
If you look at it sideways and squint [i]really hard[/i], you might see it that way.
Nonhuman females on this wiki can be made with human breasts at the creators discretion, and has done multiple times in the past.

I understand that anthropomorphic creatures are usually drawn with breasts by furries if they're physically female. However, the main problem is the urophilia, which is rated at least PG-13; as a result the article, due to being intimately linked with Andel and for content that could be considered NSFW (in particular the "lighter-fuel piss" that's everywhere in the article) or just plain silly. Remember, Dekar Serverbot's the guy who put sections about "Manslims" and "Essyaidouble U Saarkesian," and got global-banned for harassing me. Now, I have visited this wiki before, but I've never seen something as low-quality as making a lizard where only the females are used because they pee oxidizers (which would set the jungle on fire, which is one hell of a plot hole) and because they lactate rum. There's a difference between depicting characters with boobs and making it plain silly. Plus, why does the article describe oviposition and claim that they mark their nest with oxidizing urine? Oxidizers can start fires, as they speed up oxidization, and rapid oxidization is called fire. In other words, the oxidizer urine was only added to allow him to receive sexual gratification at will by reading an article on this site, by appealing to his urophilia.

I’m going to leave this to the admins and bureaucrats to decide which course of action is best.

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