• On creature stage, I reached full bar of DNA but I continue to play creature stage, I added wings to my creature as well as befriending my first epic creature, I started hunting other creatures, befriending more epic creatures, getting more DNA coins. I hunted and getting species extincted but after getting the badge " extincted 20 species", I go to my nest to enter the creature editor place but when I got out of the creature editor place, I was exploring the world and getting more species extincted with my epic creature pack, when I go to another nest of my species, I mated one of my species there and entered creator editor place, when I got out and started exploring again, I noticed that there were no skeletons laying on the land, I decided to defeat a alpha creature but It won't give me a part/prize for defeating it. Please, someone just please have a solution to this, it happened today. note, I saved the game after this glitch, I dont know if it's a glitch or not.

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    • Try restarting spore

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