• Hi Ghelæ,

    I thought I would reach out to you, since you are one of the most recently-active administrators here.

    I am this wiki's new Wiki Manager. I am here on behalf of Fandom to support your wiki's community, help it grow and thrive and act as a liaison between you, and full-time staff. If you, or any other users of this wiki ever have an issue or question related to editing, templates, wiki design, or Fandom policies etc. please feel free to contact me on my message wall, and I will assist in any way I can. I have already made a forum post to introduce myself to the wiki community, and have also joined the wiki's Discord server, so I can be even more accessible to users.
    - Sitb @fandom (Message wall / Talk page) 00:53, February 20, 2020 (UTC)

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