• I've been trying to run Spore on Windows 10 but I've been having some issues. I'll list them down below for you to see.

    1. I run Spore GA but it comes up as Core Spore. I've opened it a few times and this always happens.

    2. The game's graphics are constantly flickering, especially in the create menu and the editors.

    3. I do have a problem with the BAD_DATA Glitch but I've replaced the file that causes it and I've found a mod to fix whatever it's left so this isn't really top priority.

    One thing to note is that I have the disc version of the game. Also I've tried tweaking the compatibility settings but it doesn't seem to have done anything. Has anyone got any ideas?

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    • Well, unfortunatley the Disc version is no longer supported by EA, but you also may be aware that the servers were shut down for disc-users about 3 or 4 years ago. If you uninstall the game and its DLC, (and make sure you have the disc codes).

      Disc codes would be in the manual.

      Here are the steps to getting Your DLC for Spore and the game itself for free, with online access:

      1. Make sure you have Origin installed.

      2. Make sure you have an EA account, and make sure you know the EA account thats linked to your Spore account. (The email/password you use to log into Spore)

      3. Uninstall Spore and any DLC

      4. Contact an EA official at [[1]] (live chat or phone call). Make sure you set it up with the options the site provides so your helper is qualified for the job, otherwise it will randomly select an Official who might not even know what Spore is.

      5. Tell the official you would like your disc copy on Origin, and they should ask for your disc codes. Give them the codes and make sure you have your account information so they know which account it belongs to. (ITS VITAL THAT ITS INSTALLED UNDER THE EA ACCOUNT THAT YOU USE TO LOG INTO SPORE)

      6. The games/dlc should now be in your Origin library.

      Im sorry I don't know exactly how to fix your problem on the disc version. I originally got the Disc version for the game and GA when they first got out, and was very upset when I learned servers would be shut down for them. I was having windows 10 problems as well (its still one of the biggest threads in this forum for some reason) and reinstalling it with an EA official solved all my problems.

      Further bugs, even ones as bad as flickering, and white squares replacing buttons and stuff like that, can be solved on the EA forums, or here. There is one guy on the EA Spore forums who knows how to fix everything in Spore, and he has helped me fix 3 different massive bugs.

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