• Dont edit others fiction pages besides typos and grammar errors without premission

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    • i can't tell if you're joking around on inactive user or something but okay lmao if so, then what's the point of warning on some inactive, anoynomous user in this mainspace over making 3 years old contribution?

      likewise, you're saying "dont edit others fiction pages besides typos and grammar errors", yet the "typos and grammar errors" are also present in your multiple edits or your self-created pages, and it's double times actrocious than this user's contribution, AND, you have edited Aitriah's creature without permission--where Shiznasty undid revision your edit--in the first place, so that's the red flag of hypocrisy.

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    • I didnt know the user was inactive

      Theres nothing wrong with grammar issues, so its not much of a valid arguement

      And i was editing the creature because the taxonomy template said it had no image, despite it having a image

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    • A FANDOM user
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