• I wanted to be a trader in the space stage, so I went Omnivore, Adaptable, Friendly, and was going to be economic, but no economic cities have appeared! what do I do??? (I'm in civilization stage)

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    • woah, thats a big oof. If you havent saved yet you could go back on tribal and then play Civ at the beginning to hope that economic cities will be produced. If not then try destroying some Tribes, tribes will spawn in the civilization stage, and destroying them gives you a random vehicle with a random archetype (Military, Religious, Economic) however, it could just end up as money or attack your vehicle (If im correct)

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    • Tribes will only attack your vehicle if they're fated to become cities, which would mean that it's still possible that an economic city will appear.

      But yes, exploiting every tribe you can get to is generally a good opening strategy for the free money and vehicles it gets you (and stops other cities from getting), regardless of whether you're aiming for any particular outcome.

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