• Hello, fellow new user! I moved the "Evil Eye" creature page of yours to the "Creature" namespace for consistency. Please put your creations in namespaces corresponding to their classifications. You can find namespaces and templates for them here. This step greatly streamlines the page creation process.

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    • Shamusson
      Shamusson removed this reply because:
      I fixed it.
      20:13, November 17, 2018
      This reply has been removed
    • It appears like you made another page for the vehicle under that same title at some point, with almost the exact same information as the original. I think you could either put a delete template in the duplicate page and waiting for an admin to delete the page, then rename the other one; or move the content from the mainspace page to the vehicle namespace page and delete the former.

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    • I already fixed it but thanks.

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    • Oh, okay.

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    • A FANDOM user
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