• Hi, Cyrannian! I noticed you have two creatures in Tyrannosauridae which I think should be in other taxa, so I ask you for permission to reclassify them.

    The first one is the Saurornithanta. While it does look like a tyrannosaurid, the page states it was based on Troodon instead. Troodontidae is a family now, so I think it should be moved there.

    The second one is the Osteola, which according to the page and appearance, was based on Guanlong. While tyrannosaurids and proceratosaurids are close relatives, they are morphologically distinct enough to be in separate families, so Proceratosauridae should be added as a family and Osteola should be moved there.

    Do you agree with these changes?

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    • The Saurornithanta's previous model was based on the Troodon, the current version is more Tyrannosaurid-esque, so it should remain where it is, as I forgot to update the page when the model was replaced.

      As for the Osteola, I don't think the creation of a new family is warranted without other species which could also be placed as proceratosaurids, particularly when canonically, they are direct tyrannosauroid progenitors to the Thanatyrannus and the Arctunvahrex.

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    • Oh, okay.

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    • A FANDOM user
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