• I have this glitch where my arrow is too high up(about 2-3 centimeters) witch means when i want to click on something i have to move the arrow 2-3 cm under the thing i want to click on. that in its self isn't a big problem but i can't click on something at the bottom of the screen so i can't play after base 1. Has anyone experienced this before and how do i fix it. help! (sorry for bad english)

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    • Any chance you're on Win10? I am, and I've experieced it too. That might cause it. Win10 (Creator Update to be specific) fucked up the calibration for some older games including SPORE. If you Alt-Tab out and then back into the game this glitch will happen.

      The only workaround is to never Alt-Tab when playing SPORE, but if you do, then press Alt+Enter twice to exit and instantly re-enter Fullscreen. Then it will work as intended until you Alt-Tab again.

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