• Creating a new thread here so we can coordinate on something. Recall how we talked about Durrandon defeating the Powers in a battle and seizing some of their territory as reparation? Well, I wanted him to turn this new territory into a Zarbanian puppet state in the manner of the German Empire's Russian puppet states in WWI, and I figured you'd like to coordinate it with me. Here goes a list of idea I have in regard to it.

    • Firstly, it will be called the Confederate Powers of Zarbania, a name that will appeal to its subjects to back when Zarbania was only a Confederacy. Helps cement the population's loyalty and they won't think as much about it being a puppet state.
    • Its flag:
      Zarbanian Eastern Confederation Flag
    • The Confederacy will not be interested in taking over the Zarbania Powers. There might be border skirmishes, but for the moment it exists solely to keep an eye on the Powers and to make sure they don't disrupt ICO's empire.
    • Now this last one is more of a concept that I'd like to put out there than something concrete. Eco created the idea of the Lobes, a group of Skordi under Unitech's control that were cloned from a Skordi hero called the Black Beast. My idea was for one of them to be like Spar from Star wars (Jango clone who has Jango's memories and takes over Mandalore). Perhaps this clone could become the leader of the Kingdom of Talnir and at it to the Confederacy?

    Any other ideas you have are welcome. As I said, I'd like for you to collaborate with me on this since its your fiction that it sprouted from.

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    • Alright, very interesting. I do like the flag, for one. So lets unbox some of these points.

      • Alright, cool name. Some of the population might still miss the Powers, the Emperor being something of a divine figure who helped unite them. Be interesting to see the divide between the two groups of the population.
      • Zarbania will certainly be eager to reabsorb any dissidents, so their job will be a difficult one.
      • Don't know about that. The Kingdom of Talnir is rather old, and I have contemplated retconning it to being just a general gathering of Skordi in Zarbania, and not a formal Kingdom or anything. Let me chew it over.
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    • Thank you. The flag is a Celtic Shield Knot.

      • I could see many citizens being angry about the separation, like the Germans were. Which is why the Confederacy will definitely be more authoritarian than the powers, with Confederate-loyal houses gaining much more power than any suspected of being Powers-loyal.
      • Despite the Powers being militarily able to defeat the Confederacy (think Civil War), they won't be able to do so for now due to ICO protecting it.
      • How about this: Kingdom of Talnir is what the Skordi were before the joined Zarbania. Emergence of clone guy reawakens nationalistic/neo-Kingdom sentiment in some Skordi, and they reform the Kingdom.
      • What about the Tuk Hegemony? What are Tuks, anyway?

      My new empire [1].

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    • @Crimson/Both - Sorry to bump into this threat. Looking at the Draconian page, I have noticed one massive problem with the entire Colonial War. Well, several in fact (which are each rather glaring, so I'm quite puzzled with myself about how those escaped my notice up until now).

      • The Zarbania Powers - The Zarbania Powers do not have colonies in Cyrannus. They briefly had them, but those have long seceded to form the United Bygorian Ascendancy.
      • The Mendel Pact - Already weakened by the Empire, the Waptorian/Mendel/Varanine forces, which are actually actively involved in the Second Great Cyrannus War, currently find themselves largely pressured and to some extend bossed around by the UBA. I am aware that the Draconians and UBA are allies, but the UBA's mettle is with the Empire, not the Mendel, so attacking the Pact and it's allies will probably not please Kradik as he has a larger fish to haul in. The SGCW might even turn the Ascendancy into what the ZP already are for the Mirusians - a foe turned friend.

      How do we work around this?

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    • Yeah, I was working towards that, but the ZP never had any Cyrannian colonies at all. The UBA was meant to be that, before the UBA faked revolution and independence.

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    • There is literally the no way the Vanara and the Ascendancy will ever become friends. While the Vanara are getting nicer, they're still Vanara and coercion of any sort is berserk button. They will not forgive the Ascendancy for pressing it.

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    • @Eco - I don't see your problems. Let me clarify.

      • You're right, the Zarbanians don't have Cyrannian colonies that I am aware of. The storyline here is that they decide to start getting some to get around ICO's hostile presence south of their territory, same as Mendel. The colonies in the colonial campaigns are new, I made them up, and the Mendel/Zarbanians will lose most of them before the campaign is over. Because, you know, natives.
      • The Draconians are NOT allies with the UBA, they are enemies. They fought during the war. I don't know what I wrote that gives you that idea, but please tell me what it was so I can change it. The Draconians are, and always were a loose cannon, shooting at anyone they thought they could beat. They only agreed to ally with ICO because their economy was basically dead.

      So, problems solved?

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    • @Crimson - I must have misread the UBA and the Draconians being allies then. As for the entire colony thing, that's Zilla's descision and I just wanted to bring this topic to the attention of you both.

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    • I am aware of that. Thank you for bringing these problems to our attention.

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    • I'm not sure I can go with that. Zarbania rarely sets up colonies in other galaxies, and the Mendel respect the New Republic too much to act so boorishly in Cyrannus. That's not even getting into why Kirta and Gridlock would both personally despise acting that way towards native races.

      I've had my doubt about a lot of this story, now that I think about it. Most of it involves my main fiction getting kicked in the teeth repeatedly, and struggling to respond. I already let the ACC get kicked out of the core, but now you want TZP and the MP to get the shit kicked out of them even further, while they act completely out of character? The ZP loses 15% of their empire, and now my fiction acts like a bunch of colonial overlords and gets their balls kicked in?

      Now, I get it, in stories involving wars and battles and such, everyone has win some and lose some before it ends. But let's go down the list and see if this is fair.

      • ACC, one of the most powerful empires in Mirus, armed with radioactive plasma weaponry and radioactive ships, and united in goal and purpose, and who maintain agents around the galaxy to watch everything, is taken by surprise, beaten up, have their (radioactive) ships looted, and kicked out of the inner core by a bunch of pirates and various scum.
      • Zarbania - One of the most affluent powers in Mirus, who have stood their own even when outnumbered and outgunned and faced far more advanced empires, are kicked in the face by a bunch of pirates, forced to give up 15% of their empire, and after trying to establish colonies elsewhere, is kicked in the face again, and forced to sue for peace.
      • Mendel - One of the most doughty groups in Mirus, having fought the Drakodominatus Tyranny, near-godlike in their power and weaponry, the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus and many others who far outstrip them, and survived to tell about it, are suddenly outmaneuvered and outsmarted by criminal scum, and after acting completely out of character in Cyrannus, are kicked in the face again, and have to sue for peace.

      This entire thing feels like just one big shit show for my fiction, and being forced to get the crap kicked out of it over and over again. Your ICO never seems to lose at any point, there never seems to be any setbacks, and I have yet to see you discuss anything relating to that idea at any point. In fact, it seems like my empires are just here to be glorified red shirts for your uber powered characters, so excuse me if I'm starting to get a little annoyed with this chain of events.

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    • Actually I was planning to have Zarbania and the Mendel destroy ICO, or end up its allies. But its not going to feel like a well-deserved victory if they don't seriously take damage. Besides, the colonies story isn't really the Mendel and Powers. I was thinking more like British East India Company stuff. Thats why they're out of character, because they're doing it without Kirta and Grid's knowledge. I guess I didn't make that clear.

      ICO will be losing a battle against the UBA in the future, so they are not invincible. Just at the moment they're consolidated together, but eventually they will probably crumble. If it makes you feel any better, Eco was talking about having ICO fight the Waptoria, so its not just your fiction.

      I'm sorry you feel that I'm shitkicking your fiction. That's not my intention. I really like your fiction. That's why I wanted you to help design the Zarbania puppet state. I should have explained why I was making the plot decisions I was.

      I hope that settles your worries.

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