• So I've been giving a lot of thought to the coming battle when Fenric once again tries to usurp Kirta. The Hundred Years' War influenced idea I had. I'm considering the possibility that Fenric should die on Ugandalore, but not by Kirta or Deloros' hand. His final victory, really, is rather than take the throne he denies anyone the chance for revenge. Though I'm also considering killing him, then having his druid buddies chant him back to life, but that could also happen early on, only for him to die for good at the end.

    How he will die for good is this: after the final battle in the snows, Fenric will be severely wounded. Suffering from several cuts and stab wounds, bleeding out fast, and freezing to death, Fenric slumps against a tree. Kirta finds him and taunts him, then sentences him to death. When she asks him if he has any last words, he says

    Alright then, do your duty... and kneel before your king. Go on, Kirta fucking Clett, KNEEL!

    She raises her sword to kill him, but then he sees the crow, and tells her to wait. He asks if she believes in an afterlife, and she says yes. Fenric says that for all his part as a fanatic, he didn't believe a word about the afterlife.

    But, if that's where I'm going, I'll give Barda your love, and tell him...I'm sorry, and...

    Then he slumps over, bled to death. The crow lets out a loud caw, and flies away.

    I've come up with some good ideas, and gotten some influence from the Great Sith War. Are you familiar with it? Its when the Mandalorian Crusaders arise. My personal favorite of all the Sith war stories. I'd also like to feature some magic elements too, since Fenric and his ilk do worship gods of fire and water. Namely Fenric calling down a hail and lightning storm that decimates Kirta's armada and war machines at the beginning, and a Joan of Arc type scene where some overenthusiastic Kirta supporters (probably Tul'kaarin) burn a girl who fights for Fenric at the stake, only for the fire and water gods to make her immune to fire and let her turn the flames against her executioners. And for the hell of it, let's have Fenric or someone call down a big tsunami just for giggles.

    However, I am stuck in a bit of a storytelling knot. Fenric can't have a resurgence unless he and his armies leave Ugandalore and join up with Chakuto for a big crusade, but if they leave then Ugandalore returns to normal and another invasion is infeasible. Any thoughts?

    A few more ideas I've had:

    • I'd like clans on both sides to go extinct, just to show how terrible a battle it is.
    • Chokuto and his Platoon could help in the war by fighting alongside Fenric? Though if you're OK with it I'd like for them to abandon Fenric at the end, knowing he's marching to his death anyway.
    • While in Cyrannus (or through an emissary) Fenric hires 200,000 mercenaries to bolster his cause. Shadow Hunters?
    • Fenric has a massive fleet of warships called the Golden Fleet, since they're plated in copper, given to him by Clan Greenborn. During the war, as men from the northern continent go south to fight, a renegade captain seizes several ship and tries to seize the northern lands for himself.
    • I think it'd be cool if Prex Cano gathers all the Dead Watcher chieftains together, proclaims he's been working for Kirta as a spy all along, and rallies the men into fighting against Fenric for Kirta, then signalling his men to kill them all, the whole "fight for Kirta" thing being just a trap.
    • The Lord of the Isles. Not sure what that could be, but I like R. R. MacIan's painting of MacDonald, Lord of the Isles, and since we're all doing Celt stuff...

    That's quite a rambling post.

    Oh, and I have no idea what the name of the story should be, so if you have any, shoot.

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    • @Crimson - Alright, let me try this again. I like most of that idea, though considering Kirta, by this time, is at the end of her tether, and if Fenric starts shouting at her face, she's bound to try up and shot him right then and there.

      I don't know much about the New Sith War. My knowledge of SW Legends is limited to Swotor/kotor/PT/OT and the After effects of Endor. I'm not sure if bringing in a bunch of Gods is a good idea. Sporewiki has some rules about new Gods being added, and Zaraturai and the like are already narrowly averting that.

      • Sure, there are always enough Clans to kill off.
      • I'm not sure. This does take place after the SGCW, right? So, I'm not sure if Cyrannus wants some Imperial Remnants running around, or is willing to let Savis and some others stick around like Legends/Discanon, or if he wants all the Imperials killed off and removed to clear up the sidelines.
      • The Shadow Hunters don't have any reach in Cyrannus, mostly due to Terikalinra's fear of Anteddy there. The main criminal group is the Syndicate, so you'll have to ask Cyrannus about involving them.
      • Golden Fleet looks cool.
      • I'm not sure Prex Cano can pull it off. The Lords of the Ruins Hand/Dead Watch are paranoid as hell, and won't trust a thing another says. If Prex shows up, the other lords might kill him on the spot.
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    • I'm still not entirely sure how I want Fenric's storyline to end, so we'll cross that bridge if we get there.

      Its the Great Sith War. The New Sith War was something else. It was detailed in Tales of the Jedi: Dark Lords of the Sith and The Sith War. You might like them. I for one find the story interesting. You can find it and almost all other Star Wars comics at readcomiconline.

      I'm not planning on introducing any gods. Fenric's ilk might worship different gods, and think that's where their new powers come from, but we never find out if their gods are real. I personally don't think they are.

      • My idea for Chokuto would be that he would go to Mirus to help Fenric after his faction loses the war, so it wouldn't have anything to do with the Cyrannus galaxy.
      • OK, doesn't have to be Shadow Hunters. I'll see what Cyrannian thinks.
      • Then I guess that won't work. Maybe we can have Prex pulling of some other kind of badassery.

      I was wondering, who is your favorite Mandalorian character? And favorite faction (Death Watch, Neo-Crusaders, Protectors, etc.)

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    • @Crimson - Ok, I'll look at the Great Sith War. Like I said, I only know a little bit about it.

      • Alright, that's good. The tsunami thing might be a little out there, but I think we can work on the rest.
      • Well, Platoon 44 is deeply tied, and practically is, the Empire at this point.
      • Perhaps Prex can kill Kha'ddis Vhehatil and his guards during a battle. He's the father of one of the other Cletts, and is, by now, an important ally to Kirta.

      My favorite I'd have to say is a toss up between Jester Mereel and Fenn Shysa. I like Mereel for his role as a wise mentor and his attempts to lead the Mandalorians into a newer, better tomorrow, and keep them from becoming a bunch of violent thugs. I also love Fenn Shysa for his fatherly nature towards his men, and his womanizing ways, like trying to put the moves on Priness Leia, and generally trying to keep Mandalore safe from the Empire.

      As far as favorite factions go, I'd say the Mandalorian Protectors, due to Shysa's leadership and their helping the Rebels even after their homeworld was freed, such as sending a fighter squadron to help during the battle of Endor.

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      • The tsuanmi was just a funny idea I had. Nothing serious.
      • I'm still not caught up on Cyrannus events, so I don't know exactly how we could fit Chokuto in, but I'm sure we can somehow.
      • That works.

      I have no idea who any of the Mandalorians you just mentioned are. I think I might have heard the names before though. Are they in that new Rebels show?

      The Protectors are also my favorite faction, but instead because of their actions in the Clone Wars and because they were led by a renegade Clone trooper.

      My favorite characters are probably Rook Kast, Darth Maul's lieutenant, and Mandalore the Indomitable because he was a really badass warrior. I never really liked Pre Viszla, but you have to give the guy credit. He did beat Kenobi and Ahsoka in a duel and at least put up quite a fight against Maul before losing his head.

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    • @Crimson - Okie dokie

      I'll drop some links for ya. Here is Jaster, Jango's mentor. And here is Shysa. I don't think they've appeared in Rebels, but then again I don't watch it.

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    • Yeah, now I remember them. Shysa was that renegade clone Spar's lieutenant.

      Oh, you don't watch Rebels. I figured you did since Mandalorians are a big part of it. I was actually gonna ask you if it was worth watching lol.

      Have you checked out my new fantasy character Skadon Idonis? I was hoping to have him fight the Mendel Tribe.

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    • So I uploaded images of the Tul'kaarin ranks, including a new one called the Bishop which I had designed but apparently forgot about, and an image of Mavarla. When I tried to put them on the page, I found that only Mavarla's would work. When I click on the image in the image selection menu it won't work. I'll try adding them manually, but if they don't work, bam, an hour of work wasted.

      UPDATE: Putting them in manually worked, but they take a few seconds to appear in their tabs. I couldn't get them to work off of the selection window. I had that trouble with another Tul'kaarin image months ago, that of an Ascetic. Beats me what's wrong.

      I also had an idea concerning the Tul'kaarin for Fenric's last war. There are 100 clans in the organization, an Ascendant for each. My idea is that, for reasons I have not figured out, when Altraak leads her fleet alongside Kirta's to fight Fenric and Chokuto, half of the clans rebel against her, first by the Right of Kara'shii, and when that fails open conflict. In the end, the rebellion will be put down on the surface of Ugandalore, when the rebel leader and his closest advisers will be cut down in battle, and the rest of their soldiers either surrender or die. This would fit in with my vision that Fenric's last stand will shatter the foundations of the Mendel Pact, but ultimately end with the near-total eradication of Fenric, his men, and his cause.

      I was also giving thought to Chokuto and Platoon 44. For one thing, the relation between the two should be a lot less tense than it seems. Lorka served the Proditkar, as did many of Fenric's men. Also (this is new), I'm sure Fenric knew Lorka since his aunt married into the Gredyc clan. If he did, I bet Fenric would have respected Lorka for his efforts to help his people and organize the Dead Watchers into an actual army. Many members of Fenric's group were likely saddened by the news of his death, and would want to help his son succeed where he failed. These people should be friends, not barely allies. Also, instead of Chokuto abandoning Fenric when it becomes apparent that he will lose, I think Fenric should order him and his men to leave so they don't perish for a lost cause.

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    • Zilla did you see/reply to this? If you did it didn't show up.

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    • Sorry, I've been rather busy with Cy. I want to thank you for making models, though I had some of my own already made. I'll add mine later, probably retcon why the Tul'kaarin have two different looks and all.

      I'm not sure about them rebelling. The one directly below you is the one who challenges you (89th challenges the 88th, etc), so they would need to first get to Ji'kara Gredyc, then after winning, go after Altraak. Since Ji'kara is loyal to Altraak, she will probably not betray her, and if Ji'kara is challenged and wins the Right of Kara'shii, then the Tul'Kaarin consider the matter settled, and to try and rebel after a RoK is considered dishonorable.

      I was thinking the same, I mean, I'm sure the two disagree on what direction to take the Mendel and all, but I think they should defiantly be rather friendly and sympathetic towards their goals.

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    • I understand being busy. How about instead of retconning, we have it as either two subspecies or as a result of consuming the Breath chemical?

      Yeah, I figured the whole Right of Karashii would get in the way. If I come up with a really good idea that bypasses that I'll let you know. If not we'll leave the matter rest.

      I'm not sure Fenric even has a vision for what happens if he kills Kirta and takes over. Hell, we know that from his first attempt. Speaking of which, I'm not seeing a simple second invasion as a mistake Fenric would make. He'll have to be reasonably sure that the Mendel are both crippled and preoccupied, an error he made the first time.

      I was wondering, about how many men does Platoon 44 have?

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    • Yeah, that's what I meant. What I meant by Retcon, was re-tooling the canon to explain why some look so different.

      Yeah, shot me up any time with ideas.

      The numbers is a hard thing. I myself don't really know, but I'll just say very small. That's why they've turned to the Empire, after all.

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    • If only the Halo developers would put an effort into explaining why their creatures look so different...

      Well, a Platoon typically contains 15-30 men, but that's a little ridiculous for the setting. A hundred Mendel from Chokuto, and another hundred from Savis perhaps?

      Speaking of which, when Fenric is defeated, I imagine many of his surviving men will join Chokuto. Several others will go other ways, though. I suppose every surviving commander will take whoever follows him and do whatever he pleases.

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    • I do like the new looks for the Jackals, kinda fits their bird-Dinosaur vibe. But the new Elites and Grunts are uglier then sin. Don't know why 343 needed to do that.

      Yeah, Platoon 44 was chosen as a name because I thought it sounded cool. Yeah, that sounds about right.

      Sure, so long as they can maintain discipline, Chokuto should be able to accept them into his group.

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    • Yes I like the Jackals, especially their new attacks when they jump on a marine and bite him in the neck. Grunts are ugly AF, not sure what the deal is there. I do like the Elite's new armor designs, especially the Zealots. The whole theme makes them look like a faction that's salvaging whatever it can. But the body designs are just stupid, especially the mandibles.

      Don't worry, just about every name in military history was chosen because it sounded cool. Chokuto's group of Mendel would be considered a Company. Even with the Imperial troops, he wouldn't have enough for a Battalion. But, screw terminology. Battalion 44 sounds like something out of Warhammer or that mech book series, and Company 44 sounds like shit.

      The Mendel members of Fenric's group would likely be the only ones. Tul'kaarin, Astrians, the renegade clans. The others would all scatter. Chokuto might hope to become allies with Daal and Dante Quista if they don't die in battle, since their cousin Iyoka was good friends with Lorka.

      I almost forgot. Gorzill, Eco and I were talking fantasyverse, and I was hoping that my new fantasy faction the Rogues Gallery could launch an invasion against the Mendel Tribes. I posted a link to one of the main guy's page, Skadon Idonis, above a few posts. Its not done, but check him out and let me know what you think.

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    • I think they're trying to make the enemies in Halo look more threatening, hence why Grunts now look like deformed little Snilbog, and the Elites lack a lot of their grace and nobility now. I'm glad HW2 brought back the classic looks, with some updates.

      Yeah, I saw Skadon Idonis. Looks pretty interesting. I'm going to try and focus more on the Mendel Tribes and all, and beef them up a bit.

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    • [1] See the very northernmost part of the Western Forests? Notice how it touches the southern tip of a bay. That bay is where the Rogues Gallery will assemble, and it will be through that part of the Forests that they attack the Mendel through. Where on that map are the Mendel located? From what Gorzill and Eco said I assume they are in the Western Forests?

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    • I need to get my dudes on the map. They're not exactly in the western forests.

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    • I wonder why my link didn't work? I didn't notice until just now.

      Anyway, where are they then?

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    • Remember how I said I'd let you know if I had a good idea regarding the Tul'kaarin? Well, here one is. Its long and complicated, so bear with me.

      During the battles on Ugandalore, Altraak and a group of her men attack a refinery that Fenric's men are using as a base. They quickly kill or capture the Cinnabar forces guarding it, and prepare to sacrifice their captives to Ada. Then, a large army led by Fenric himself and his lieutenant Grenka the Flathead arrive and capture the Tul'kaarin.

      Altraak tells him to get on with it and execute them all, but Fenric replies that he is a soldier, not a monster. He's not about to kill all these men for following orders. However, he challenges Altraak to a duel over leadership. She refuses, since Fenric is not an Ascendant, he cannot participate in the Right of kara'shii.

      Fenric replies that he's not challenging her to kara'shii, he's challenging her as one soldier to another. He says that Mavarla Altrass was a true soldier, and Altraak is nothing compared to him. Altraak scoffs at him, but then he asks her how she expects her men to fight for her when she won't even have a fair duel. Thus Altraak knows if she refuses, she will lose her men.

      They begin the duel. It is a long, vicious battle, with no weapons. Altraak fights bravely, and inflicts several wounds on Fenric, but Fenric ultimately tires her down and beats her within an inch of her life. As she kneels, attempting to stand, Fenric grabs Grenka's warhammer from him and smashes Altraak's skull in with a golf swing.

      Fenric tosses the hammer back to Grenka and tells the Tul'kaarin prisoners that he claims his rightful place as leader of their movement. They all accept but one, who lunges at Grenka with his axe. The blade cuts through the handle of his hammer and embeds in his chest, but he grabs the Tul'kaarin soldier's head with his hands and crushes it to a pulp.

      The Tul'kaarin defectors contact their fleet, and Fenric informs them of the situation. A little less than half, all Mavarla supporters and Kirta-haters, bend the knee, but Jikara declares the claim illegitimate since it was not Kara'shii. Thus, the Tul'kaarin schism begins, in both space and on the ground. This should provide several interesting plot points, though it will end with the insurgents (or would they be loyalists?) defeated and bending the knee to Jikara.

      Alternatively, Jikara could be the insurgent leader against some other Altraak loyalist if you want. Is she truly loyal to Altraak, or is it all fear and acceptance of Mavarla's death?

      I hope killing Altraak is alright with you. She doesn't seem like much of a main character, and I personally think Jikara is more interesting. Your choice of course, but this pretty much only works with Altraak's death.

      I was originally going to have another character fight Altraak instead of Fenric, but I figured it'd be better to have Fenric do it so when he dies its obvious that the schism is over.

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    • I kinda had plans for Altraak. Once I finished the Ruins Hand chapter, she was going to play a large role in the Mendel Schism, and beyond that as well, with her generally calming down and being less of a dogmatic warlord, though still a bit of a bitch compared to Kirta.

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    • @Zilla: Two questions I had. What is Gortoi's plan - and will it be a RP?

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    • Well the Mendel Schism is long over by the time this rolls around, but if your decision is final then I'll plan around it.

      On a lighter note, I had an idea for a story after this. Since the Mendel has been effectively shattered by the war, with a faux air of unification hiding deep tensions between clans and factions, a new leader will rise to reunite all who call themselves Mendel - even Chokuto, Jamis, and Halverg Vermillion, Fenric's last living brother. However, his motives and methods are less than orthodox.

      To sum it up, its Bismarck - In Space!

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    • @Eco - Basically a Chapter dedicated to his character and final stand against Kirta, and then Kirta challenging him, to which he responds with "lol nope", and tried to blast her fleet out the sky. After fighting through his cronies, she gets to him, duels him, and wins. It can be an RP if you want.

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    • That's preferable.

      Gortoi isn't your typical villain, and has never been quite villaneous for that matter. He genuinely believes that the ACC provide the best means to shelter the Death Watch (or his faction of it, at the very least), and though he may want to join Kirta, he knows Mortox would never be OK with that. He's regretful about it, but at the same time would rather seek death than betray the one who kept him and his gang safe as promised (don't call him Mortox's lapdog tough, that's his berserk button).

      He actually likes Kirta killing Lorka, seeing him as a traitor to Tox' ideals. More specifically, he sees him betraying Mortox' patronage for that of the Proditkar as a risk that could backfire enormously - and given the state of the Proditkar, it obviously did.

      As for the True Death Watch, true to their name they have kept the same ranking system as existed under Tox, not going along with whatever reforms happened when Lorka entered the Proditkar. The True Death Watchers do use more cybernetics that other Mendel, but they don't actively turn themselves into cyborgs or anything and use the ACC mainly as a means to an end (the conquest of the Mendel). In fact, their "obvious" technology, like buildings, weapons and armor, is purely Mendel with little to no Groxic tech incorporated into it. The same cannot be said for less obvious technology like terraforming and such. As a result, True Death Watch holds look "off" - They look purely Mendel but shouldn't be able to exist with purely Mendel technology.

      Finally, it should be noted that Gortoi is, unknowingly to himself, somewhat of a hypocrite. He's been amassing a fleet powerful enough to take over the Mendel Pact in one go, and, true to Tox' wish, put it under the rulership of the Cano Clan.

      • Kirta - But then, what about the Grox?

      Gortoi can't really answer that, which is when he simply shuts off communications and tries to shoot Kirta out of the sky.

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    • Cool beans. This all sounds awesome.

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    • I was just thinking that perhaps we should speculate on a few ideas regarding Halverg Vermillion, who is Fenric's last brother, and what he should do. I'm sort of in favor of him going on a crusade in Cyrannus.

      He's different than Fenric quite a bit, by the way. He's not being eaten away by a struggle between good and evil like Fenric, nor obsessed with honor and duty. He's more primal and savage. While he does care a lot about his family and friends, he is certainly more inclined to resort to extreme violence to get results.

      For example, while Fenric was always full of remorse for betraying Barda, and was happy to work with his enemies to ensure everyone's survival during the Ascension, Halverg would rather backstab his foes and lead the defense himself.

      Furthermore, he just doesn't have the charisma or flat-out reputation Fenric did, so unless we come up with some ideas for him, he'll just flicker out instead of going down with a massive bang like his brother.

      Two things to know about him:

      He's married to a Feral Clanswoman who claims to be a priestess for her people. Unlike Fenric, his matching isn't loveless, but he still deosn't quite trust her. Either way, no matter what happens after Fenric's death, the three thousand or so Ferals left will join Halverg.

      He was planned from the start to be the last survivor and to go on a crusading rampage to avenge his brother, so this isn't a spur of the moment change. Some of his personality and such was inspired by the Beltran-Leyva brothers who run one of the Mexican cartels.

      I'd like to hear your opinions.

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