• Hey Glynn, longtime no see. Okay so I've been thinking about the relationship between Accel Space and the Void. We discussed this awhile back, but in case you don't remember here is a break down as well as some new information.

    Okay so Accel Space is a realm that was created by infusing Darkness with Nonsense. Basically Accel Space is more comparable to the Abyssal Realm instead the Void which Nonsense is more comparable to.

    In essence I've basically been thinking that the Void and Nonsense are inherently opposed to one another. Why? Because simply put the Void is nothing were as Nonsense is everything, or rather it tries to be, its actually sheer potential. The void is static, stable, and hallow. Whereas the Nonsense is fluidic, unstable, and energized. The Void grants incredible and corruptive power, but its powers all revolve around the same thing. Nonsense on the other hand grants lesser powers or enhances existing ones, but is uncorruptive (you can get severally mutated though) and far more diverse and adaptable.

    What do you think?

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    • Yeah that's about right. The Void is nothingness and order where as everything else just seems chaotic. That's why when Void users progress in using their abilities, the Void consumes their emotions, as emotions create chaos or whatever. The end goal of the Void is to return "everything to nothing", a concept Padunas Ori introduced near his death eons ago. Of course Nonsense would be opposed to everything ending.

      I can't make big edits still but now that my email issue is fixed I'm finally receiving notifications. So I can reply much faster now.

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    • Indeed, though Nonsense can't be fit into the chaotic definition, that would be making sense of it which is anathema to Nonsense. This probably just makes the Void hate (for a given value of the term I suppose) it even more since Nonsense can't be fit into neat, orderly definition like the Void would want. Nonsense's end goal is to create a universe of infinite possibilities.

      Glad to here that your receiving notifications now, I wonder what went wrong? Hmmm, oh well its fixed now, that's what counts.

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    • Makes sense to me. The Void can't really make any moves now as our heroes have effectively halted its advance. Brygon, while he is slightly losing his mind, hasnt given into the Void and Anthil cant quote use it properly. All other Void users are either on the UAE's side or they are dead.

      The Dark One would more than likely oppose the Void as Ada would no doubt try to destroy him if he ever got free.

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    • Glynn we ran out of room on the main discussion thread. Here's the new one ->

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    • Cool Thanks

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    • A FANDOM user
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