• It seems you've established a relationship with my fiction, this will have to be deemed non-canon until we discuss about this since you did it without my permission and that there was no interaction at all.

    So how would this work out? If you need some advice, or you're just shy, let me know, thanks!

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    • Wait what are you talking about

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    • I apologize if you're confused. On your Biskin Empire page it says you're allied with Zsark's Forces.

      EDIT: Heck, it even says you contacted Zsark and made yourselves allies with Zsark's Forces, wut's up with dat?

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    • I...what? I haven't made edits to that particular page in like a year. I planned on updating it with revised lore and recent events.

      I'm not entirely sure how it happened, but the Biskin don't know anyone by the name of Zsark.

      And I don't particularly need any advice in terms of collaborations or such, i have been here for over 5 years with over 3,000 edits after all... and more pages than I can activley remember. No offense of course.

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    • Huh, now I'm confused.

      In the history, it said that Ecoraptor made the latest edit, you might wanna ask him/her about it.

      EDIT: yeah it said it was Ecoraptor who edited it in, I don't know why he/she/they/it would do such a thing, but I'll ask him/her/them/it about it.

      If you want to, we can make a real interaction, or you could just edit it out.

      2ND EDIT: It says on Eco's main page that he/she is interested in an alliance with Zsark and the Biskin.

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    • The Biskin Empire and all characters within the empire belong to me. I was unaware of this development, as I've been preoccupied for a while.

      The Biskin aren't too interested in alliances at the moment anyways.They are attempting to rebuild their crumbling Empire.

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    • As I explained to Hellrock, I intented to put in the implications of the Aeba Shuka formation in the MirusConflicts for the Biskin (it basically breaks the ties of Ziskin to Unitech because Solid rebels), but somehow I put in the wrong text. Undid it, but nevertheless, sorry about that :/

      On that second note, I actually never claimed ownership of your fiction Glynn.

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    • No problem

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    • A FANDOM user
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