• Hey there Glynn since your not getting messages about the other thread I figured I put up this one and hope it gets to you. As far as what is going on well I believe Eco said it best.

    Ecoraptor3339 wrote: --- The following is an obviously biased Mirusian vieuwpoint ---

    Many races of the UAE went to war with the Xonexi Allies around the back of the Alliance itself over the ex-Drakodomintus Territories in Mirus (aka Dominatus Mirus), allying with the Zarbania Powers and (temporarily) the Imperium of War, to reach their goal.

    The Coalition appeared to win, but then the Imperium stabbed the rest of the Coalition in the back and opened up a second front. It was unknown what the Mirusians would do, and many Xonexi believed they would now drag the full UAE into the war, which would turn the tide in favor of the Mirusians again. Neither did happen, but it gave the Hegemony an exellent excuse to show their true (Xonexi) colors and betray the UAE from the inside out, massacring many Olympians and just about most Koatria with secret Darkling/War-Imperial aid. Hence the surviving Koatria are all collectively pissed right now.

    The Imperium and the Xonexi continued to press the attack, the UAE did not enter the war and the Coalition lost in the end. As a result, the Xonexi forced them to sign for peace and join the Covenant of Mirus, which many races felt was imposed upon them by extragalactics to shackle them.

    So the Xonexi seriously dowplay the significance of the UAE (I would beg to differ) and, I assume, see it is defunct/worthless/above all unable to pay a role in intergalactic politics? Yeah, I don't get how they got to that conclusion either. Anyhow, the goal of the Covenant is to build an united Mirusian government and bring peace to the galaxy - Hey, that was the UAE's goal XD! You can see where this goes. The Xonexi go around telling the natives the Covenant is the only true legitimate Galactic Government of Mirus -not the UAE- thus angering mant UAE menbers who band together with the Zarbanians to form the Triumvirate of Mirus. Ironically the Triumvirate is not headquartered in Mirus but in Tyris Mayor because it's embers think Mirus is too heaviliy watched by the Xonexi at the moment. So they proably work together with the Tyrisians a lot.

    Back in Mirus, the Imperium of War is still advancing. They conquer the Coalition-held ex-Dominatus Mirus (creating the bizzare situation in which the Coalition cannot give back any part of ex-Domintus Mirus to the Xonexi Allies even though the peace treaty states they have to). As they are doing this, the Aeba Shuka (Crimsonfire's fiction) attacks the UAE with 9 Special Olympian groups provided by Caligustus, that unknown to them, are loyal to Darkling Brotherhood. They go to nearly eleminate the remaining UAE-loyal Olympians as well, then Caligusts gives the Signal and the Darkling-Corrupted Olympians turn on the Aeba Shuka as well, who retreat beyond the Red Veil where no one can reach them.

    Then the Imperium of War invades the critically weakened UAE, as the Corrupted Olympians lick up with him. They quickly conquer Mirus Waptoria, then conquer the Federation, and finally the GMCS. The Mendel, Vanara and Zarbanians sucesfully fend off the attacks but are kept under seige.

    Eventually (we yet have to find out how exactly - but it is with the non-native aid of a few other fictions that the Imperium pissed off in the past), the Imperium is beaten back, defeated, and dismembered.

    So the Great Mirusian Conflicts end with the Imperium of War, the most destabilizing influence in all our fictions, gone, but not without a cost. Most Koatria and Olympians are dead and the UAE has been crippled to such an extend that the enormous powef vacuĆ¼m the Imperium has left cannot be filled by them. So of course the Xonexi fill it, actually legitimizing the Xonexi's claims about the UAE's weakness, and allowing them to truly impose the Covenant over Mirus. Aaand Gridlock is now in a position of trust amongst the Mirusians, while Zaraturai has vanished after being attacked by the Imperium on order of Grid's dad, allowing aforementioned father to further adavcnce his nefastious plans. Of course the Xonexi have had no dealing with the Darklings so they discast that all of this was part as a vast plan as nativist nonsense and generally ignore them while the natves are for the first time in ages powerless to do anything about it. Now the flag of the Xonexi Allies flows over the Mirus Galaxy, but while the Allies enjoy a golden age, Mirus has become shrouded in darkness. The Imperium of War is gone, but their masters, the Brotherhood of Darklings, are still out there. Finally, the galaxy in in their grasp, as is their birthright...

    As for the truth of the matter the Xonexi(well France at least) does recognize the UAE and actually wants the Mirusians at the head of the Covenant of Mirus. As for some extra stuff the United Persan Descendants are gunning to take down the Scelus Purification, but are largely being ignored(though the Mirusians have their back). They have also found out something rather terrifying about the creation of the Vanara. The Vanara's ancient ancestors(the Promen) were created as a food supply for an unknown alien menace.

    Also nothing has really been moving forward so yeah you pretty much have nothing to edit as of now.

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    • I'll have to read over this when I have some spare time. Just wanted to comment and let you know I'm still semi-following this development

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    • By the way Glynn I'm not sure if you know yet, but I've moved the arc one and two of Niyra's Training to their own separate pages. I was finding it cumbersome to navigate so I sectioned it to make things neater. Anyway their is part for you to edit back at Arc One under the kumikiri chapter for when you have the time(as I know you busy).

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    • I love the new organization for Niyra's training. Sorry about my absence again. I really wish I could be involved as much as I was in the past. When I have days off I just want to relax and every other day I have work or school.

      I have so much I want to finish here, but I think I'll have much more time once the summer hits

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    • ^
      In my own defense that was written before I found out the Xonexi did recognise the UAE and the Waptoria were offered the chairman's position (I was pleasantly surprised when that happened).

      ...I'll show myself out.

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    • Hey Glynn! Glad to here from you. Yeah I know the feeling, I get days off and I swear all I want to do if loaf around on the couch. I haven't been on the wiki as frequently because work, school(finals are coming), and I got Skyrim not too long ago.

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    • Oh man, Skyrim absorbed me back then. I ended up getting to level 195 on my main character and around level 40 to 70 on my multiple other characters. I still play it to this day. However.

      fallout 4 came out and sucked me in too. Luckily I managed to escape its grasp.

      Yeah, and with finals coming I just need to focus right now. I'll still be working during the summer, but I might have more free days to actually be on here.

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    • By the way I've altered how Accel Space operates and what it represents. Instead of progress it is a dimension of nonsense because, to quote the page, "nothing is what it is because everything is what it isn't, and contrary wise what it is it isn't and what it isn't it is." Have fun figuring out what that means.

      Anyway I was still thinking that it and the void would be opposed to one another. Being as the void is orderly it would attempt to oppose sense on something that has none at the most or a very warped one at the least.

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    • @Glynn By the way we ran out of room on the previous Niyra's Training and other stuff thread we've got a new one. -> [1]

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    • Rn out of room on the other thread again so we're here now->

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    • Thanks a bunch for keeping me posted. Wiki still isn't telling me when replies are posted. I'm swamped with work and school but I'll try to keep up with the current events so I can make proper edits later.

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    • Just so you know, the Mendel civil war has started (See the latest threat Gorzill posted for details). Tyris Mayor involvement would be much appreciated (though if you're too busy, just post the instructions here).

      Barda dies and W'tze is already dead by then, meaning that Brygon's generation (Kirta, Tarkunuis and Angand'r) fully takes over.

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    • Sounds amazing. Again I apologize for my spotty appearances but I should be able to make better edits next week given there will be a short break for Thanksgiving.

      Are there any key events i need to know about that led to the civil war?

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    • Also can you guys link me to the new thread where this is being discussed? The link above doesn't work for me.

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    • Here hope this works -> [1]

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    • A FANDOM user
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