• So I have finally created a concrete idea for a war or conflict between Eldarisia and the GSC. Since the GSC has member states, what if the Lustergan Trade Federation secedes and tries to take the Bogdouri Empire with it. They would secede from a large fall in public opinion of Spode. This would cause the GSC to enforce it, causing the nations to feel mistreated and wish for independence. A conflict would then occur between them and end in the two nations fleeing to Eldarisia for protection. Then the Eldarisian's would agree and demand the GSC to stand down before force must be used. (This would start the war)

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    • Hi, KA, so while this isn't a bad idea, there are a few reasons why this wouldn't work out.

      First of all - and this one is my fault - the list of member species for the GSC is kind of outdated right now, though the Lustergan and Bogdouri (actually I'm going to be renaming them to the Bogadani) are still members of the GSC.

      Secondly, the Lustergan and Bogadani were among some of the earliest members of the GSC so it's highly unlikely that they would secede at this point in time. Also, a large fall in public opinion of Spodism is highly unlikely since, well, the GSC is a nation who has a overwhelming Spodist majority and even the secular or non-Spodist citizens do not have many reasons to despise the state church.

      Thirdly, if we're assuming that the Lustergan and Bogadani secede over a matter of religious freedom, I somewhat doubt that they would ask Eldarisia for protection since that would mean just going from religiously devout nation to another.

      I don't think there's really any feasible scenario where a major GSC state (at least, one significant enough to prompt military action from the GSC) secedes and subsequently causes the GSC-Eldarisian War. I'm interested to see what other ideas you might have, though!

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    • Hmm, what if a group of smaller states begins to secede together? A confederation of states vieing for independence. Their reason for calling upon Eldarisian protection is not to be vassaled, but because they know the Eldarisian's will help fight the GSC.

      Since these are smaller new states, they have less military might, but might be capable of fending off the GSC if they unite. (Along with Eldarisian support)

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    • It could be some of the species in the northern part of the GSC which borders the major Marko states, though again there would need to be a good enough reason for them to want to secede since a lot of GSC states don't really have many immediately visible reasons to want independence.

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    • Hmm...why not because the GSC fails to protect them. Marko is like in total war as the natives fight one another, the Vixilian Imperium state could invade the GSC for resources and be successful.

      This failure to protect them would cause the smaller states to become angry and wish for secession. They would then ask for Eldarisia's protection since none of the Marko natives would dare threaten the power house.

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    • It's hard for me to imagine the GSC losing a war to the Vixilian Imperial State even with the element of surprise, though it's not entirely out of the realm of possibility. I wonder if the Eldarisians would be above using the VIS as a sort of false-flag in order to make themselves look more appealing to the GSC Marko states? I don't know if the Eldarisians would actually want to provoke a war with the GSC, but a VIS invasion with covert Eldarisian backing could achieve the goal of scaring the GSC Marko states into switching sides while making the GSC look like the aggressor in the GSC-Eldarisian War.

      That's only if the Eldarisians actually want a war with the GSC where they don't have to worry about the other galactic powers condemning Eldarisia. If they're not actually looking to start a war in their favor then that probably wouldn't work. Also, as we discussed before, I would think the Levisala would support the GSC regardless of who the aggressor is since they want to make sure Eldarisia does not become a credible galactic power.

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    • The Vixilian Imperial state is being driven by an authoritarian dictator bent on conquest, Eldarisia does not associate with them.

      The Vixilian Imperial state is technologically inferior to the GSC, but they have one thing in their favor: Numbers. For every ten soldiers, you've got twenty to replace it and unlike Eldarisia, the Vixilian Imperial state is more Ground focused and has the second largest ground military in Marko. The reasoning behind their power is simple: They took over their ally the Fordlian Empire. Lead by fear, they fight or will die for betrayal to their country.

      So I could see the VIS attacking the Marko colonies and occupying them for a time. But the GSC would soon force them back, but not before their once loyal citizens became angry with them. This would then lead to a confederation of states seceding from the GSC and wanting Eldarisian protection so they won't be wiped out. Eldarisia would then agree, leaving the GSC separatist states safe and non-Cutheran for the time being.

      The GSC would then demand them back and Eldarisia would refuse, leading to the GSC declaring war and the Levisala joining in on the GSC side. Eldarisia would then try to conquer the GSC's Marko colonies and try moving inward. While they do this, they would most likely call upon France for assistance since the two have a alliance/defensive pact together.

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    • Ah, ok, now I understand. I suppose that would work then, since the GSC has something of a reputation for not being able to mobilize as quickly as other major powers in the galaxy. That would allow the VIS time to land their ground forces before they have to deal with the full brunt of the Iron Pazu'Mir Navy, which has a reputation as being one of the best defensive military forces in the galaxy once fully mobilized.

      There might have to be more compelling reasons why the GSC Marko states would decide to leave the GSC after the invasion is repelled, though since I have written jack-squat about the nature of the GSC Marko states and what their relationship is with the central GSC government, it's definitely a mostly blank slate on which we could create a scenario that works out. Since the GSC expansion into the Marko Sector is relatively recent, the connections there are certainly less strong. (For future convenience, I should mention that the GSC territory in Marko is officially called the Noregada Sovereignty)

      Though I'm not sure if France would provide significant support seeing as the GSC is a TIAF ally which could potentially damage French-TIAF relations. Also, putting a limit on how much France participates in the war could make it more interesting since I imagine heavy French support would tilt the balance overwhelmingly in the Eldarisians' favor. You'd have to ask Charles for his take, ultimately.

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    • I talked to Charles and he is up for it, he just asked that we make is post-schism since our factions are pretty busy the DCP :P

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    • Alright, I am ready whenever you are to get started on this. It is the next thing on my fictions progression list after all :>

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