Tips and Tricks[]

  • The best and faster way to get this achievement is to go on a civilized planet (so you don't make useless foes) and to steal one of their spice crate. Go near the ground and drop the crate, then take it again, then drop it, and so on until you get the achievement (the crate must touch the ground every time you drop it). With this method, it shouldn't take longer than 5 minutes to "steal" the same crate 50 times. You can also use one of your spice crates from the beginning.
  • This may be done across any number of games.
  • Rather than steal an empire's resources and risk going to war with them, it is easier to find a planet with a civilization on it instead and steal their spice. Since home planets usually have 5-10 cities on them, by the time you have stolen a spice crate from every city, you can return to the first one you stole from and it will have another spice crate for you to steal. By repeatedly circling a planet like this, you can earn this Achievement rather quickly and have a lot of spice, as well. In fact, since this approach requires no additional spaceship tools, you can do this early in the game even if you already have the achievement and it will yield enough spice to get you several iterations of the Golden Touch badge, depending on what spice you are stealing.
  • Remember that you can hold a maximum of 99 spice of any type at once in your cargo hold.