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Test Drive is a mode in the Spore creature editor that allows the player to see the creature's mechanics come to life. It can be tested how it walks, jumps, and does different actions in stages (like some are from creature stage).


Backgrounds Edit

There is 4 main backgrounds in Creature Creator.

  • A grassy plain. (default)
  • A volcanic fortress.
  • An alien colony on a planet of eyeballs, similar to colonist outfitter.
  • Plain black screen. (Taking pictures with this screen either gives you the black screen, or a pre-cutout of your creature)

The Creepy and Cute Parts Pack includes:

  • A mushroom-filled silly and peaceful wonderland. (Cute)
  • Ruins of a city in smoke and ash. (Creepy)

Outfitters Edit

They only have the signature outfitting and the black screen for backgrounds.

Eggs Edit

Clicking on one of the eggs spawns a baby. You can have 3 babies at once. They will mimic your actions. You have the ability to take screenshots and videos with buttons and/or the C and V keys.

Take Pictures Edit

Clicking on the "camera" button or pressing C key will screenshots the creature, this will add to the "Picture Viewer" and they can be sent to the email

Make video Edit

Clicking on the "Cinema" icon or pressing V key will record of the creature. Upon ending the video, YouTube Upload will pops up and gives option to sent the video to the YouTube.

Capture Animated Avatar Edit

Screenshots the creature

Animation AbilitiesEdit

Control Keys Edit

  • WASD, Arrow keys, Mouse: Manipulates creature's movement.
  • Space key: Makes a small hop.

Simple Movement Edit

  • Spin: Jumps, spins in the midair and lands.
  • Roar: Makes cry.
  • Flip: Jumps, makes backflip and lands.
  • Call: A mating call.
  • Sit: Squats.
  • Punch: Strikes with a clenched fist, if without hands, will use its head instead.

Dancing Edit

  • The Point: A pointing dance where your creature points one direction with a sound.
  • Hippity Hop: Hops around while bobs up its body in circles.
  • Walk N Place: Swaying and pointing toward the sky.
  • The Stomp: Stomps, one foot after the other, with clenched fists.
  • Hot Foot: Hops from one foot to another.
  • Raver Punch: Constantly bobs up and keeps

Conversation Edit

  • Ta-Dah: Spins around, lands, and gives a "victory" pose
  • Hey: Stretches its arms.
  • Cutie: Bobs up and down, and then wave.
  • Flex: Shows its strength.
  • Sumo: An angered position, starting off with going into a deep stance.
  • Hey Baby: As if greeting one you "like" or showing off.

Emotions Edit

  • Happy: Surprises, and jumps two times and then nods.
  • Angry: Surprises, hops angrily and shakes its head.
  • Sad: Dreary look, then looks down and makes "crying" sounds.
  • Laugh: Laughs hysterically.
  • Scared: Surprises, looks around itself frantically, then shivers in fear.
  • Swoon: Sways side to side with hearts over their head, then shakes their head and becomes alert again.

Cute: Actions Edit

  • Bounce: Jumps and then slams Bounces, then lands back, stands up.
  • Dizzy: Your creature spins around, and when it stops, it sways as if dizzy.
  • Gymnastics: Your creature does some flips.
  • Flirt: Your creature shakes its behind, like with Charm.
  • Sneeze: Your creature sneezes.
  • Sing: Your creature sings, a different song for each mouth.

Cute: Dances Edit

  • Robot Dance: Performs typical robot dance.
  • Space Walk: Performs the moonwalk.
  • Hoedown: Performs the dance with same animation of Dance Level 5, farm-like music in the background.
  • Ballet: Hops from foot to foot, stands on one foot, collapses, gets up, then looks around and laughs.
  • Back Spin: Spins around in circles on its back then stands up.
  • Flowers: Hops in circles and throws flowers.

Creepy: Actions Edit

  • Sicken: Your creature vomits on the ground.
  • Lightning: Gets struck by lightning, after it stops, collapses momentarily, playing dead, gets up
  • Stalk: Patrols right and left, making sounds, shakes its head angrily, and then
  • Zombie Walk: Performs the typical zombie walk.
  • Charge: Your creature walks forward, then roars.
  • Bees: Your creature is attacked by a swarm of bees. It runs in terror. Similar to a creature getting attacked by the Summon Swarm ability.
  • Howl: Plays wolf howling animation and sound, with gothic music.
  • Twitch: The creature shakes its head with closed eyes, and then eye gets bigger while the other one blinks and shakes its head slightly.
  • Banshee Scream: Your creature roars a few times with a small charge.
  • Evil Laugh: Laughs in typical villain-like style. Scary music in background.
  • Super Stomp: Your creature backs up, then runs forward, jumps, and lands with a blast of dirt.
  • Blast: Your creature is launched backward.

Patch 1.03: Movements Edit

  • Walk: Walks in place.
  • Run: Runs in place like the Sprint ability.
  • Look at me: Whistle sound in background, then creature turns to the right position of the player's camera.


  • The Test Drive mode can be updated with Patch 1.03, Creepy and Cute parts pack, and Spore Galactic Adventures Expansion Pack.
  • Test Drive is available in all types of creature editor.
  • Creatures in Creature Stage or Adventures do a "battle cry" like when done after killing the creature.
  • Similar to a creature getting attacked by the Summon Swarm ability.

Bugs Edit

  • Sometimes, one of the spawned babies is slow and does it a few seconds afterwards.
  • In the Creepy and Cute Animation Section, if you press the bee/swarm button in Test Drive with all babies activated, for five minutes, your screen will turn black, after 7 minutes, Spore shall crash.
  • If you save in the volcanic background, your creature's Sporepedia card will be a bit more orangish, but if you view them they are the normal color.
  • Your creature cannot use the "Roar" animation if it does not have a mouth. Strangely enough, however, you can seem to do a mating call action even if the following creature is mouthless, while in the Creature Stage it's incapable of calling for a mate.
  • The Creepy & Cute animation "Flowers" was burrowed from Tribal Stage, if your creature isn't the one carrying the gift, it throws flowers instead.

Gallery Edit