Terra-Wrangler Badge

"You've improved the terraforming score of XX planets."

Awarded for terraforming planets to improve their T-Score. Terraforming a planet from T0 to T3 will award 3 points towards this badge. Note that, for some reason, improving the T-Score of a planet inhabited by another empire does not count towards this badge (although it does improve your relationship with them) Also deterraforming works after using staff of life strangely.

Level Number Conditions Badge Points for Completion Rewards
1 Improved terrascores on planets 2 times 2 Raise Terrain (Small) · Lower Terrain (Small) · Level Terrain (Small)
2 Improved terrascores on planets 5 times 3 Cloud Accumulator · Cloud Vacuum · Raise Terrain (Medium) · Lower Terrain (Medium) · Level Terrain (Medium)
3 Improved terrascores on planets 10 times 6 Refrigeration Ray · Heat Ray · Raise Terrain (Large) · Lower Terrain (Large) · Level Terrain (Large)
4 Improved terrascores on planets 20 times 10 Hot Cloud Vacuum · Cold Cloud Vacuum
5 Improved terrascores on planets 40 times 15 Air Conditioning · Hot Cloud Seeder
Master Badge