The Temple of Spode is the Zealot campaign Adventure in the Space Stage, which can be given to the player by empires with the Zealot Archetype. In this mission, you must escort Priest Falloha to the temple of Spode and protect him from the Black Claw clan. It is recommended that you have reasonably powerful weapons, as this mission does involve a fair amount of combat.

The basic mission layout is as follows:

  1. Bring Priest Falloha to the Temple of Spode while protecting him from the Black Claw clan.
  2. Defend the Temple of Spode.
  3. Defend Priest Falloha as he prays for Spode's help. (60 secs)
  4. Watch and enjoy as Spode's divine power drives away the Black Claw and destroys their ship. Talk to Priest Falloha.


  • Priest Falloha
  • Blaharan Villager
  • Blaharan Defender
  • Black Claw Zealot
  • Black Claw Fanatic
  • Black Claw Scout
  • Bahluing

A few Black Claws


  • The Black claw is a reference to the Black Hand, who started WW1 by killing Archduke Franz Ferdinand.
  • When you complete the mission and return to the empire that assigned it to you, they mention that they built the temple for the Black Claw to use, and that they don't understand why the Black Claw are behaving like this.
  • Throughout the adventure, Priest Falloha criticises you, thinking you are too weak for the journey, but keeps this to himself. After you save the Temple, he admits this to you, saying "It is now clear why Spode sent you to us this day."
  • At the start of the mission, if you click on the symbol behind Priest Fallohah it will say "The Holy symbol of Spode."