Animalia Chordata Synapsida Therapsida

Therapsida (Broom, 1905) or therapsids are reptile-like proto-mammals with more traditionally mammalian traits, such as fur. This taxon is the predecessor of Mammalia.


  • Eleutherodontidae (gliding, mammal-like therapsids with fur and elongated fingers, which may resemble gliding mammals without ears)


  • Geikiidae (dicynodonts with distinctive bosses on their noses)
  • Rhinocerosauridae (dicynodonts with horned noses and hooves like those of a horse or deer)
  • Rosteronodontidae (long-tailed semi-aquatic dicynodonts without tusks)
  • Stahleckeriidae (large-bodied, superficially pig- or hippo-like Triassic dicynodonts)


  • Anteosauridae (large carnivorous therapsids with robust upwards-curving mouths)
  • Estemmenosuchidae (large and bulky herbivorous therapsids that posess long and massive skulls with horn-like structures on them)


  • Gorgonopsidae (large carnivorous therapsids with erect hindquarters, some of which possessed saber teeth)


  • Whaitsiidae (therocephalians with long legs and robust bodies)

Unsorted therapsids

  • Darthridae (large humanoid therapsids that do not fit real-world taxa)
  • Garyushuidae (creatures inspired by the Fanged Wyverns from Monster Hunter)
  • Groxidae (small carnivorous/omnivorous bipedal therapsids reminiscent of The Grox)
  • Hexapoditherapsidae (wingless six-limbed therapsids)
  • Jerigmucidae (robust therapsids with long necks, bird-like beaks and horns on their heads)
  • Nitmaridae (small carnivorous therapsids with short snouts and spikes on their backs)
  • Tripodidae (three-limbed therapsids)
  • Volaticus (winged therapsids that don't fit other taxa)

Other Therapsids

  • Mammalia (warm-blooded chordates with hair or fur, mammary glands, and usually well-defined ears)
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Jerigmin (Jerigmucus minor)


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