Animalia Chordata Mammalia Primates

Primates (Linnaeus, 1758) are intelligent mammals with hands and fingernails, including humans and monkeys. They have a number of distinguishing traits, including opposable thumbs and big toes, a large brain, and highly specialized color vision.

  • Cecaelidae (aquatic primates with multiple tentacles for legs)
  • Cercopithecidae (often large and terrestrial monkeys with non-prehensile tails)
  • Cornupithecidae (ape-like primates with horns or antlers)
  • Hominidae (intelligent tailless apes which generally lack special ornamentation and may have flat faces)
  • Lamiaidae (primates with scaly snake-like tails in place of their hindlimbs)
  • Lemuridae (highly agile lemurs with long bushy tails and soft wooly fur)
  • Mermaididae (aquatic primates with fluked or finned tails and no hindquarters)
  • Octopithecidae (primates with six or more limbs that fit no other taxa)
  • Oculudae (primates with many eyes that fit no other taxa)
  • Pseudololligidae (primates with their eyes supported by long eyestalks and limbs ending in sucking cups or small tentacles, sometimes looking like cephalopod limbs)
  • Pteropithecidae (six-limbed primates with wings)
  • Rostruidae (primates with beaks or rostra)
  • Xiathidae (long-tailed primates lacking ornament that fit no real taxa)

[[File:CRE Navarrean-0bad9e42 ful.png, KhuyanxaFlag.png|thumb|128x128px|right|Khoyan'xa/Original (Homo sapiens khudendra)|link=Fiction:Khoyan'xa/Original]]


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