Animalia Chordata Synapsida Pelycosauria

Pelycosauria (Cope, 1878) or pelycosaurs are reptile-like proto-mammals that are not therapsids. They typically have more traditionally "reptilian" traits, such as a splayed posture and lizard-like bodies, but many are warm blooded and some may even possess fur.


  • Caseidae (herbivorous, possibly aquatic synapsids with bulky barrel-shaped bodies and disproportionately small heads)
  • Eothyrididae (lizard-like pelycosaurs distinguished from reptiles by their canine teeth)


  • Edaphosauridae (typically herbivorous small-headed sail-backed pelycosaurs)
  • Sphenacodontidae (superficially cat-like pelycosaurs which commonly have large sails or raised spines on their backs)

Unsorted pelycosaurs

  • Agnaridae (jawless pelycosaurs)
  • Baslikia (wingless pelycosaurs with long, lithe bodies which fit no other taxa)
  • Decidubipodidae (four-limbed herbivorous bipedal pelycosaurs that fit no other taxa)
  • Dragonitidae (crocodile-like pelycosaurs with elongated skulls, horns on their heads and usually long hind limbs in comparison to the front limbs)
  • Kryteirreia (wingless pelycosaurs with six or more limbs that fit no other taxa)


Stegopor (Fifthosaurus pussalus)


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